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Morrison - MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron (Caldwell Brothers #2)

Hot alpha males your cup of tea? Strong females who can save themselves, but have the help of hot alpha males sound good to you? Really attractive cover models something you like to look at? Definitely check out the Caldwell Brothers series from MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron then. I mean come on, have you seen the men in the book covers below? If not, start scrolling now and while you're at it, take a look at my review and decide for yourself if these guys are right for you.

Rating: 3 Stars
Published: December 2015
Many thanks to Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Morrison didn't have it easy growing up, his father damaged his view of relationships after how he hurt his mom. He'd rather have his family, his money, gambling, and his beautiful yellow Porsche. That's all enough for him, until he meets Hailey, not only is she beautiful in a different way than everyone else, but once he has a taste of her he knows he can't get enough. She's platinum. Hailey's been down on her luck since birth, known as Hard Luck in Vegas, she's stuck in a loveless marriage where she owes her husband for every penny she spends. Her only bright light is her daughter, Marissa. After a once in a lifetime chance to escape her marriage, Hailey takes it, but finds she still has a sum of money being held over her head. Morrison knows she won't accept his help, but she's got all his attention and he wants to be her good in the world. He'd do anything.
Hailey is definitely a down on her luck girl and she's so hardened to the world around her. I loved that as a reader we saw glimpses of this hopeful girl even when she experienced some awful moments. Her hope for her daughter is definitely something that makes me like Hailey, because she's determined. Plus, Marissa, her daughter, has some of the cutest and funniest moments in the book. She's a scene stealer. Morrison is a total alpha male, parts of him I liked a lot, parts of him I hated. He's arrogant, but he has one of the best inner monologues of any characters I've read in a while. His POV is just entertaining to read from, especially when he describes women. The story line itself is interesting, it's one that is realistic in the city of Vegas and many others. However, some of the twists in this book, though minor, really bring a new dimension to the gambling for your life plot line. 

There is some language in this book that just left me feeling uncomfortable. I get the controlling nature of Morrison, I totally understand the world of sin city, but some of it doesn't at all make me feel like a loving relationship. That said, Morrison and Hailey make it work and their relationship comes together in a way that just makes sense. While I may not like the language, for them it works. I will admit, around 47% I thought the book was complete, it wasn't. I felt that way again at 75%. The book has several points where it just feels like it could be done, but it isn't. That said, the last portion of the book absolutely closes this chapter of the Caldwell brothers and I felt it worked.

This is book two in the Caldwell Brothers series, however it can absolutely be read as a standalone. There's some great sex scenes, a hot alpha male if that's your taste, and strong characters finding their good in a world of bad. Check out the other two books in the series below, one is already released and the other is due in 2016. Plus, Christmas at Caldwell's is free for a limited time, you don't want to miss this. Click the image for a link through to the freebie.

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