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Book Tour and Review: The Butterfly Code - Sue Wyshynski

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The Butterfly Code by Sue Wyshynski 
Publication date: October 15th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense

My friends say Hunter Cayman’s dangerous. 
They say he's a threat to everyone in town. 
I’m not so sure.
As he stands before me in this crowded club with the lights shining around us, I catch something good under Hunter’s dark facade. Something decent and profound.
I don’t know who or what to believe.
But I will find out the truth.

Aeris Thorne is expecting a restful vacation in the remote town of Deep Cove. But on a stormy night, she meets the alluring and mysterious Hunter Cayman, and her life takes an exhilarating turn.

Aeris is both drawn to him and determined to find out what he’s hiding. It’s clear Hunter has found success with the high-security lab on his vast estate. But what Aeris doesn’t know is that he’s tormented by a secret: the truth behind his research.

As he and Aeris are drawn together, the walls he’s built to protect himself threaten to crumble. At the same time, she begins to wonder if she’s found the key to unraveling her own tragic past. When Aeris’s life is threatened, Hunter is forced to make an impossible decision about her future—one that could change everything.

Rating: 5 Stars
I went into this book with the basic blurb every other reader gets, so I didn't expect anything when I opened up to the first chapter. The Butterfly Code stole my attention away from the very start. Not only are we immediately introduced to Aeris' old friends and the enigmatic Hunter Cayman with his flashing eyes, but Sue Wyshynski does an amazing job of setting the scene, the relationships, and giving you a glimpse of what's to come. You see, Hunter is older and her father has warned her to avoid his research lab at all costs, but Aeris seems to lose all common sense when it comes to him. I was obsessed as soon as I knew we had a forbidden relationship plot. Not only that, it's a completely new story line, because there is a scifi mix in this book. There's romance, action, suspense, and a twist you won't ever see coming.

"I feel like I'm falling down some twisting hole, a hole I didn't even realize existed..."

I loved the characters, every single one of them. Aeris is always curious, for a classic violinist she sure seems interested in adventure. She's a brave character whose POV is super entertaining to read from. I loved her thought process and her individuality. On the other hand, our two main men, Gage and Hunter, are super intriguing as well. Gage, one of Aeris' best friends, is the brooding type and his role in this book is so much more than just a friend. He's got quite a history, a huge secret, and I really liked his relationship with Aeris. Hunter is mysterious, dangerous, and about the hottest thing any of our characters have ever seen. The entire town seems to despise him, every woman lusts for him, and his attitude is that of a bad boy. He had a lot more depth to him that I expected him to and as the story grows he brings a lot to the table. He seemed to have new secrets after every page turn and even once I closed the book I felt like I had more to know about him. Every character is not what they seem and no plot line is ever what you are expecting as a reader.

I loved the use of symbolism in this book and the futuristic elements of transhumanism, that is the creation of superhumans. She successfully takes humanity into the future, mixing it with romance, drama, and action. Wyshynski's descriptions are vivid, everything we saw as the reader means something later on, from names to just small conversations between characters. The foreshadowing kept me curious, on my toes the entire time, and when the twists happened I was shocked to find it opposite of what I thought would happen. Everything flowed so well and at a swift pace. There was no over complication and I felt like this book could easily reach across many demographics. 

I might have loved this book, can you tell? I have pulled away from the paranormal/scifi books I used to love, but this transhuman story might have pulled me right back in. This is a book that readers of all ages and all genre preferences could read and enjoy. I loved the well-developed characters, the realistic near-future story line, and the intrigue of the mystery that Aeris is so desperate to figure out. I cannot wait for a sequel and really hope this novel has the popularity it deserves. 


Sue Wyshynski is a small town Canadian girl who moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. Sue grew up in the same place as musician Justin Bieber. Her last name is pronounced wish-in-ski.

Sue’s style has been described as immersive, emotional, and action-packed.

According to Sue, “Writers must do more than write; they must try to speak to the hearts of the world.”

The Butterfly Code, coming this fall, is Sue’s first New Adult romantic suspense.

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  1. I love it when a book really grabs you from the start! The characters in this sound especially well written, and as a big character driven reader this is a big plus! Lovely review, Carlene!


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