Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More than Once - Elizabeth Briggs (Chasing the Dream #4)

More than Once is finally out! Go pick it up right now, along with the rest of the series if you haven't yet! I know, I know, I totally owe you a review of More than Fashion, but Thanksgiving was hectic and I just wanted to read this new book so bad I prioritized it. Oops. I can't help it, this one was the best one yet in my opinion. I promise to get around to More than Fashion soon, but in the meantime you can pick up books 1 through 3 on Amazon for just $6.99 and this book for just $0.99. You know you want to.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: December 2015
Many thanks to Elizabeth Briggs for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Becca has turned her life around, her past with Villain Complex is behind her, her bass guitars are stored in the garage, she has a job, and she's making her family happy. Except, the guy who turned her life upside down in one night is standing in front of her and she's asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Andrew was hurt after Tara, sure he'd never find love again, but when Becca asks him to be her pretend boyfriend for one night he can't say no. Sure, their one night stand was one of epic proportions, but neither are ready for commitment. In that one night though, everything changes, their emotions are real and when some heavy choices need to be made, they find themselves leaning on one another. I hated Becca as soon as we were introduced to her in the beginning of this series, I saw a little glimpse of redemption in More than Comics, but didn't expect much more. Then we see her again in More than Once and she skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list and Andy, he went right to the top with her. He really is book boyfriend material. Both characters are unique in the series and both are ignoring their wants and dreams. I really enjoyed watching them push each other, testing the boundaries, and finding solace in one another even when they didn't want to. I felt like of all the books in this series, this one was the most realistic for me and had the most character growth. Really, I just loved Andy and wanted to trade Becca places so I could be here and have him. Sure, it seems like it moves fast, but it's supposed to, how do you ignore the feeling they've both had pent up since their one night stand!

This book is different than the others in the series, while it isn't as much as a breakaway as More than Fashion was, it still is separate from More than Music and More than Comics. That said, I loved how Villain Complex was brought back into the series. Plus, watching Becca find herself in music again was really rewarding. I loved her interactions with her overbearing family, how she finds it in herself to stop being selfish, and how she shows Andrew/Andy he can be both sides of himself when he wants to be.

Yes, it's a quick read, but it is so so good. I loved this book and am happy Elizabeth included it in the series. If you're looking for a quick read with a steamy romance, lots of chemistry, and character growth, look no further.


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