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I have quite a few common questions that are asked of me in relation to book reviews, so I thought I would offer those answers in one location. 
I like to have my schedule booked out at least two months in advance, but I will do my best to have a flexible schedule. I do post cover reveals and release blitz/new release announcements to Facebook and am willing to negotiate blog space for those, as well.
  • What genres do you read?
    • All, but I prefer to focus my reading on New Adult, Women's Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Dark, Suspense, Thriller, and some Dystopian, Paranormal, and Mystery. 
  • What format do you accept?
    • I love "carbon-based" books (physical copies), but I also read from my Kindle, iPhone, and computer. I accept ePub, PDF, and Kindle format (mobi) if you can send it.
    • I love to post bookstagrams and will feature all paperback and hardback books I receive. Please contact me for my mailing address.
    • Additionally, you can find me on Netgalley, where my username is also carleneinspired. 
  • Where do you post your reviews?
    • Here! I leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, as well as any site you request. I will always leave a star ranking on Goodreads or at least a review explaining why not if I DNF.
    • I also send my reviews directly to the publisher through Netgalley and Edelweiss if your book is offered on those sites. 
  • What is DNF anyway?
    • Did Not Finish. I give everything until 30% read before I make the call, but sometimes I just can't finish a book and it isn't fair to the author if I do and leave a scathing review. I will contact you, the author or publisher, directly in the case. Sometimes a book just isn't meant for a person.
  • Is there anything you won't accept?
    • I will not accept novellas, unless they are related to a book in a lengthy series. 
    • I will not accept sequels without an opportunity to read the previous novels prior.
  • Fun fact:
    • I am one of three admins for the Goodreads group, Netgalley Readers. We discuss Netgalley books, the Netgalley process, and help each other out. With almost 2,000 members, we would love to welcome any Netgalley users looking for some camaraderie.

  • What ranking do you use?
    • I rank everything out of 5 stars. but I have had a lot of questions about my star ratings, as it is common knowledge that Goodreads and Amazon, the two sites I link to most often, have very different definitions of star ratings. Below is my rating scale and I do use half stars when I feel it is needed. I will provide enough reasoning behind my score for you to understand why it ended with a 1 through 5 rating.
      • 1 star - "didn't like it" simple enough.
      • 2 stars - "it was OK" for me, this means 'it was just OK - really don't have much good to say about it
      • 3 stars - "liked it" quite often books I read get this rating - it means 'it really was OK, not great, but I don't want to say mostly bad, either.' 
      • 4 stars - "really liked it" - the book enriched me, and I have a variety of things that I can praise in a review, and I can find no real fault with them. This is my most common rating, as books that I give 4 stars to leave me wanting more (a feeling I appreciate).
      • 5 stars - "it was amazing" the best of the genre - could be appreciated by people who don't normally read YA, NA, Women's Lit, or whatever it may be - makes me wish for enough money to buy a hard copy just to cherish - makes a significant contribution to my thoughts about life. This can also just mean it has sentimental value for me.
If you have more questions, you're welcome to comment on a post or reach out to me through email or Goodreads. My general contact email is

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