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I'm Carlene and I'm a 29 year old who never let go of the dream that my life would someday be just like the books I lose time reading. I read to become another person, to expand my outlook on life, and to relax away the stress of my busy work days. Reading has inspired me to get out more and embrace my personal style, Carlene Inspired is where I share about my life, fashion, adventures, and of course, the books I love. I want to encourage others to embrace the things they love and to be proud of who they are. You never know who you might meet who shares the same interest as you!

When I'm not reading I can be found with my dog,  my family, and my friends. I live in the mountains in California and can often be found visiting LA, specifically book stores, Universal Studios, Disneyland and concert venues. I love a good wine, long hikes, and travelling to new places.

Favorite Genres: Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Thriller, Dark, Suspense, Literary Fiction, and sometimes, a dash of Erotica mixes in quite well.

You can find me on Facebook, under "Carly Reader," or elsewhere on the web like TwitterInstagramGoodreads,  and in the group I help moderate, Netgalley Readers.

If you'd like to collaborate or provide a book for review, contact me at carleneinspired@gmail.com and remember to check out my Book Review Policy page. If you'd like to discuss something else, please feel free to email me as well!



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