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Blog Tour & Review: Player by Staci Hart

I should have known it was only a game.
I should have known he was too good to be true.
He’s nothing but a player...
Player, an all-new sexy, standalone romantic comedy from Staci Hart, is available NOW!
He’s a player.

He plays the bass with expert fingers. He plays women with intoxicating charm. And he’ll play me with the ease of a virtuoso.
Who better to teach me to play than the master himself?
I’m his model student, front row, pencil sharp. Pick up lines? I’ve got them. Free drinks? By the dozen. Kissing? Let me grab my chapstick.
But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there’s so much I don’t know. Like why his touch sets off a chain reaction straight to my nethers. Or how I’m certain each kiss is the best I’ll ever have, until the moment his lips take mine again.
There’s so much I don’t know.
Like the fact that I’m only a bet.
But we are what we are. He’s a player, through and through.
And I’m the fool who fell in love with him.

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5 stars

Val can land a coveted spot performing in the orchestra on Broadway, but she doesn't think she'd ever be able to get a man like Sam to give her the time of day, even when she trips on his music stand. With hands that play the bass like it's a woman he's making love to, he's out of her league, at least she thinks. Sam agrees to tutor Val in the art of flirting and dating, their lessons taking place on the dance floor of the hot club he performs at. There's an immediate connection, but with her confidence holding her back and a secret bet holding him back there's no telling whether the music can keep them together.

"There was something about the way he'd told me to come here, like he was going to take me to bed or to France or to heaven."

I love vintage fashion. I love swing jazz. I love non-stereotypical characters. Oh my word, I just love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK. Seriously Staci, where is the sign up sheet for the Red Lipstick Coalition? Staci Hart is a go-to author for me, it's a given that I'm going to enjoy anything she writes, but Player blew my expectations out of the water. In fact, at this point in time I can't even remember what I expected, because I am too busy being obsessed with Sam and Val. They're so sweet, both so headstrong, and seriously so perfect. Sam is the actual face next to the definition of tall, dark and handsome, able to get the girls whenever he wants, while Val has always embraced awkward, clumsy, and self conscious as her words. She and her three best friends have a pact around red lipstick and going after what they want, in this case, Val wants Sam and the lipstick has spoken. What starts with a bet turns into the most romantic love story between the player and his "the art of flirting" student. 

"Imagined that look of hope on her face that made me feel like a king and a crook."

I connected so much with this story, in fact Val and I could be the same person. Her fashion, her build, her lack of confidence thanks to years of bullying and brotherly overprotectiveness, I know all those things so very well. And I too know the trick of red lipstick, putting a smile on your face, and dancing like nobody's watching. Sam is, as we know, a player, but there's a heart in there even if he doesn't yet know it. The two click, jiving on the dance floor in perfect time, and discovering they connect when she's not taking lessons in flirting, kissing, and other dating activity from him. What starts as an agreement naturally grows into more, especially as they relax, revealing their true nature and finding comfort in each other. They bring out the best in one another and it's so heartwarming, so natural, and so real to read. Staci Hart uses gorgeous prose and descriptive imagery to bring the story to life, allowing readers to see the club's dance floor and the emotions that grow on it as the music picks up speed. Just like music makes you wanna dance, the connection these two share as they flirt makes them wanna love. 

"'When you get a kiss better than that, you'll know'
And I knew for a fact that I never would."

Player was the perfect mix of, well, everything. It was funny, sweet, a bit steamy, and a whole lot of romantic. Yes, there's a catch, but trust me it's worth the read. I cannot stop thinking about this book and when I think about it I'm smiling, so I'm always smiling, it's that good. You need this flirty number in your life. 

“Just once.
A string in my heart thrummed with a string on my bass as I picked up the beat.”

About the Author
StaciHartStaci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey.

From roots in Houston to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.

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Blog Tour & Review: All My Life - Prescott Lane

All My Life
by Prescott Lane
Release Date: October 10, 2018

Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance

The beginning of any love story starts with the meet.
I’ve known Garrett Hollis since before I can remember, and I’ve loved him just as long. I loved him while he loved someone else. I loved him when he had a baby with her. I loved him when she left him.
The greatest of love stories is that between a dad and his daughter. I should know. I’ve had a front row seat. First steps, first words, all the big moments.
Garrett was just a teenager when Mia was born. I’ve watched him braid his daughter’s hair, hold her hand crossing the street, seen her asleep on his chest. I’m the best friend, the one they can count on for everything from dance lessons to motherly advice, anything they need. I’m their go-to girl.
The best part of any love story is the happily ever after.
But what if the happily ever after doesn’t include you?
All my life, that’s how long I’ve loved him.
Of course, he’s clueless.

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4 Stars
Told from the alternating perspectives of Garrett and Devlyn, All My Life is the story of single father Garrett, his sweet daughter Mia, and the childhood friend that's been there for it all. Garrett is used to being a single dad, he doesn't need any woman to take care of him, but his daughter sees things differently and sets out on a hilarious mission to find her father the perfect partner. Watching from the sidelines is best friend and local tutu wearing, biscuit baker Devlyn. Seeing Garrett dating stirs up long buried feelings and she begins to fight for her place in his life, hoping he'll see she's been there all along. 

"My arms coil perfectly around her waist, and her head lays right over my heart. SOmething stirs in me. It's like waking up after a long sleep-a little confusing."

Emotional and realistic, All My Life is a stunning friends-to-lovers single dad romance. It's relatable, with the storyline playing out in a very realistic way. The full length novel explores Garrett and Devlyn's relationship with well placed flashbacks, giving readers the opportunity to see just how much Devlyn has been there and how amazing Garrett has been at raising Mia on his own. I loved the small town atmosphere of the story, even when it wasn't spinning Garrett's young fatherhood in a positive light. The hilarious set-my-dad-up storyline allows us to get to know Garrett as a father, as the local bachelor, and as the town's architect of sorts. It became impossible not to fall for him just as Devlyn had, though in her young wisdom she saw how amazing he was even before others did. The bond Garrett has with Mia, with Devlyn, and them with one another, is the greatest part of the novel. I really felt like they were a family, even though Devlyn is just viewed as the best friend. It's the journey to realizing she's the girl he wants, the girl that's been there all along, that matters.

"I've stayed. All these years, I've loved them and stayed."

If you're looking for a heaping dose of sweetness, Prescott Lane's newest All My Life is the book to read. It's a lighthearted romance with a bit of emotional turmoil mixed in. Plus, there's some good twists that I didn't see coming that keep the sweet, classic story exciting. I really connected with All My Life and highly recommend it to my fellow romance lovers! Prescott Lane is a go-to author for me and this story is a hit in my book.
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Cover Reveal: The Stars Duet - Amie Knight

TheStartsDuetCR-SBPRBANNER.jpgThe Stars Duet, an all-new emotional and romantic duet from Amie Knight is coming November 1st and we have the all-new covers!
Beneath His Stars FOR WEB.jpgBeneath His Stars
Release Date: November 1st
Covers designed by Hang Le

I met Adam Nova under the twinkling lights of a nighttime sky.
He was hiding, but that gorgeous boy didn't belong in the dark.
Nevertheless it was where he lived; a different world than mine.
I was Livingston Montgomery, Southern debutante.
With the world at my fingertips, I was well on my to being another spoiled socialite.
But I didn't want money.
I didn't want social status.
I wanted him; tattoos, sarcastic smirk, bad boy reputation and all.
It didn't matter that he was from the wrong side of the tracks.
It didn't matter that my family forbade me from seeing him.
I just wanted to be Beneath His Stars.

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In Her Space FOR WEB.jpgIn Her Space
Release Date: November 15th

I was reunited with Livingston Montgomery in the broad sunshine of a Carolina morning, right where she belonged, in the light.
It’s been too long since I’d seen her face.
She had changed, but so had I.
I was Adam Nova, reformed bad boy.
Now, successful businessman.
I had it all, except for the one person I’d always wanted,
and now I was back to claim her.
She was living in the shadows,
just a shell of the former girl I knew.
But it didn’t matter that she tried to hide from me in the dark.
I’d follow her into the deepest depths of hell.
I just wanted to be IN HER SPACE.

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About the Author:
Amie Knight has been a reader for as long as she could remember and a romance lover since she could get her hands on her momma's books. A dedicated wife and mother with a love of music and makeup, she won’t ever be seen leaving the house without her eyebrows and eyelashes done just right. When she isn't reading and writing, you can catch her jamming out in the car with her two kids to '90s R&B, country, and showtunes. Amie draws inspiration from her childhood in Columbia, South Carolina, and can't imagine living anywhere other than the South.

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Release Blitz & Excerpt: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After - Lisa Renee Jones

Continuing where Dirty Rich Cinderella Story left off...
Get ready for a steamy honeymoon, and a heart-stopping welcome home for Cole and Lori!

The unexpected is about to happen and while Lori has faced the demons of her past, she and Cole will face those of his past now.


“Engrossing, emotional, and steamy... this book will have you biting your nails. Definitely, the type of book you will want to read in one sitting. This is a story for all of you romantics who believe in love at first sight. Swooning while you read is guaranteed!”—As You Wish Reviews

“Hot and sexy, interesting and engaging and I can't wait to see what's next from LRJ!!”—Book Loving Pixies Blog

“This book is a FAST-PACED, WICKEDLY SEDUCTIVE and SPELLBINDING read with a dash of suspense, some unexpected twists and turns, and a hefty dose of swoon!” —Kim R. 

Amazon Universal →

“You have me now. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

“You can’t promise that.”

“I can,” he says, his voice deep, rich, his tone absolute. “I will.”

“People die.”

“Yes, but if I die, you’ll know how much I loved you. You’ll know I’m still with you.” He cups my face. “But you don’t get to get rid of me that easily. Whatever waits for us here, there, or anywhere, we’ll get through it together. That’s what husbands and wives do.”

Warmth and calm wash over me. “Husband,” I whisper.

“Wife,” he replies, his gaze raking over my lips, and lifting. “About that zipper.”

“Take me to our hotel and I’ll show you how it works.”

“I can’t wait that long,” he counters, reaching for said zipper.

I catch his hand. “Cole,” I warn urgently. “You have to wait.”

I’ve barely finished that reprimand before his mouth is crashing down on mine and he’s kissing me, his tongue stroking my tongue. One of his hands settles at the base of my spine, molding me close, all those hard, sinewy parts of him pressed to all the soft parts of me and I moan. Another second later, and my zipper is open, and he’s pressed my hands over my head, his fingers dragging over the thin lace of my barely-there bra, teasing my nipples.

“We can’t do this here,” I whisper, and I mean it, despite the moan that rolls from my throat, as his fingers slide between my legs, heat pooling low in my belly and spreading to the touch of his fingers.

“And yet we are,” he says.

Voices sound just outside the door, and I panic. “Cole,” I hiss.

He reacts, and in an instant, his arm is around my waist and he’s pulling me into a long, narrow stall, shutting the heavy door and locking it. Women, two I think, enter the bathroom, and Cole steps back in front of me, his cheek pressing to mine as he whispers. “I’m going to make you come with them standing right there.”

My fingers curl on his chest. “No,” I silently whisper, but he swallows the protest with a deep lick of his tongue, and just like that, he’s grabbed my panties and yanked them away.

And then he’s kneeling on one knee, his lips pressing to my belly, and the effect is an adrenaline rush up and down my body. My fingers tangle in his hair and I tell myself it’s to pull him away, but his tongue flicks my belly button and I bite my lip to silence my pleasure. I know where that tongue is headed and it’s almost too much.

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story is Cole and Lori's first book and MUST be read prior to reading the new release, DIRTY RICH CINDERELLA STORY: EVER AFTER
Amazon Universal →


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.

In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling WHITE LIES and LILAH LOVE series.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Cover Reveal: The Wrong Game - Kandi Steiner

The Wrong Game Cover banner.jpeg
The Wrong Game by Kandi Steiner Release Date: October 18, 2018Genre: New Adult

Synopsis: From the bestselling author of A Love Letter to Whiskey and the What He Doesn't Know Duet comes an angsty, emotional, and fun sports romance.
Two season tickets.
One genius idea.
Zero interest in a relationship.
The plan is simple: a brand new, hot, preferably funny, definitely single male will fill one of those seats for every Bears game at Soldier Field. And I’ll fill the other.
I can’t think of a better way to use the season passes I’d bought for my ex-husband. I am a woman of plans, and this one’s foolproof.
Until Zach Bowen offers to be my practice round.
He’s infuriating. Presumptuous and overbearing. And absolutely, undeniably gorgeous. Any woman with a heartbeat would be attracted to him, and mine picks up speed every time he speaks.
But as I said, I’m a woman of plans — and I’m not backing down on this one.
One night. One game. And then, his time’s up.
He can try to change the rules, but here’s the truth: he can’t win if he’s playing the wrong game.

TWG Wrap.png
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About the Author:

Kandi Steiner.jpgKandi Steiner is a bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. Best known for writing “emotional rollercoaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance — in all its forms. No two Kandi Steiner books are the same, and if you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.
An alumna of the University of Central Florida, Kandi graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Advertising/PR with a minor in Women’s Studies. She started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a diehard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges of love as well as the triumphs.
When Kandi isn’t writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys live music, traveling, anything heavy in carbs, beach days, movie marathons, craft beer and sweet wine — not necessarily in that order.
Kandi Steiner may be coming to a city near you! Check out her “events” tab to see all the signings she’s attending in the near future:
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