Thursday, March 12, 2020

Release Blitz & Review: Where We Fall - Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Where We Fall (The Souls Duet #2)
by Cynthia A. Rodriguez
Genre: YA/NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 12, 2020

Two lovers, meant for each other, defying their destiny.

But when catastrophe nearly tears them apart, will fear separate them further? Or will love bring them back together?

Where We Fall is a companion novella to When We Crash, the story that introduced us to Dexter Andrews and his passionate yet troubled soulmate, Noa Cruz.

4 Stars

A catastrophe once again threatens the future of Dexter and Noa, but the Angel of Death is willing to keep giving them more chances if Dexter continues to not give up. He won't give him the answers, but he'll let him keep trying. Fear stands in their way though, when one is ready the other runs. When they're finally ready to run to one another life and fate has other plans.

"We loved each other so much, we hated each other."

Oh. My. Lanta. How do I even review this without giving anything away? Where We Fall finds us immediately after the events of When We Crash and crash we did. This time we get Noa's perspective, both in the present and in incredible glimpses into the past. Pieces of the puzzle we didn't know were missing are put in place and yet, even with the puzzle fitting together, Noa and Dexter can't seem to finish it. Filled with the same angst and heartbreak and love as the first part, Where We Fall is the dramatic conclusion I both needed and shied away from. I knew this story wouldn't be easy, nothing is ever easy where bargaining and death is involved, but my word does Cynthia A. Rodriguez put these characters through it. With incredible prose and no fear at all, Cynthia tells us a story of love, of fighting for every chance you're giving, for the wake up calls life gives us when we aren't paying attention.

"'No big deal,' I whispered. 'Just watching my soulmate walk away.'"

Raw, intense, and unexpected, Where We Fall is a stunning conclusion to The Souls Duet. If you can, read these two back to back, don't take a break in between. Embrace those tears, cozy up with your emotions, it has the most impact when read together. Complex and incredibly detailed, Where We Fall, really The Souls Duet in its entirety, is a magical story of hope and it's one I highly recommend.

Cynthia hates writing her own bio. In her down-time, you can find her watching movies, ranging anywhere from classic to action flicks (she has a weakness for Marvel adaptations), and reading any novel she can get her hands on.

She loves hearing from her readers! You can reach Cynthia at Both her Twitter and Instagram handles are @thecynrodriguez.


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