Thursday, March 12, 2020

Release Blitz & Review: The Truths We Told - E.K. Blair

The Truths We Told (Secrets & Truths Duet #2)
by E.K. Blair
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 12, 2020

When Kate finds her world crumbling around her, she does everything possible not to crumble with it by building castle-strong walls to hide behind.

A person can only hide for so long.

Thrust back into the life she’s been running from, she’s forced to confront the damage she left in her wake. Working to repair fractured relationships, she discovers one that just might save her from all the wreckage.

The only one who can save her is herself.

Realizing she might be on a broken path to healing, Kate must make a choice—a choice that could be her defining moment.

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5 Stars

Time has passed, but Kate's wounds are not healed. She's returning to Miami, to school, but the embarrassment, the fear, the judgement she knows is awaiting her makes the return difficult. Running would only last her so long though, so she's forcing herself to face what she left behind. Repairing the broken relationships she misses makes her realize she hasn't repaired things with herself and she must choose between healing or running again.

"I was a battleground of love and fear, of silence and rage."

I knew The Truths We Told was going to be heavy, but my word does E.K. Blair takes us through the ringer. Our once bright, confident, tom-boy Kate now holds her insecurities in front of her like a shield. She struggles to accept that her friends are not judging her and struggles even more with believing them when they say it wasn't her fault. I already loved Kate, but I loved her even more in this book. Facing your fears, overcoming something that has changed the course of your life is so difficult. I think E.K. Blair wrote Kate and her experience so incredibly well. Her healing is so powerful, especially as she learns to lean on her friends and family again, accepting that not everyone will judge her or hurt her. Of course, we get a romance and she so deserves one. It isn't an easy romance, Kate's healing comes first, but it is a profound and beautiful relationship. It's impossible to say much without giving it all away, but let's just say that this book features all the secondary characters you loved in the first.

"All her cracks and broken parts expose themselves, setting me on fire like a thousand suns, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for this girl."

Emotional, heart-wrenching, and written in such a personal way, The Truths We Told is an incredible final novel in the Secrets and Truths Duet. I highlighted so many passage; the setting, the characters, the dialogue ringing so true to real life. I love E.K. Blair for always being willing to write the realities of life, no matter how hard, and her characters aren't broken, but rather putting their pieces together in beautiful new ways. I loved this duet and I cannot wait to see what's next from E.K. Blair.

Author Bio

E.K. Blair is a New York Times best-selling author. Her books range from thrillers to romance to YA, all of which shine a light on the inner workings of relationships through adversity. She resides in Oklahoma with her husband and two beautiful children.
When not writing, you will most likely will find her sipping on a mug of overly-sweet coffee while watching reality television or the latest true crime documentary.
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