Friday, December 1, 2017

Review: Wild Embers - Nikita Gill

Wild Embers
by Nikita Gill
Published: November 16, 2017
Genre: Poetry

They have lightning in their souls, thunder in their hearts, chaos in their bones.

Nikita Gill's poetry has captured hearts and minds all over the world; her inspirational words have been shared hundreds of thousands of times online, been plastered across placards on international women's marches and even transformed into tattoos. This collection will showcase mostly unseen poetry and prose, delving into ideas about passion, identity, empowerment and femininity.

4 Stars

There are stars glittering
inside you
that have never been

It is no surprise that Nikita Gill, Instagram poetry sensation, has released a collection of poetry focused on female empowerment. Gill is recognized for her short, powerful poetry that liken women to wolves, storms, and protective anger against the forces that seek to harm and destroy us. Wilder Embers has poetry for the mind and body, giving readers powerful verses about self-love and breaking the chains we've been locked into. The poems are fairly short and quick, the longest being about the Princesses of fairy tales. I really enjoyed the poems about witches, magic, and mythology. I might have cried a bit in the "chapter" that references wolves hidden in your soul. They were so powerful and so true, talking of the strength a woman finds to question the trauma and darkness they've endured. That's my kind of poetry. It's inspiring and empowering, the kind of rebellious poetry you want to read instead of those poems about being sick for love.

We carry witchcraft in our
whilst the magic still sings
inside our heads.

Wild Embers is a poetry novel that has something for every emotion you may be feeling. You can pick it up, flip to a page and read something that speaks to you, that moves you, that really means something for you. Reading it all in order though? That is something I don't suggest doing. It gets repetitive, especially when a couple of the poems sound identical or like extensions of one another. I wish some of the first poems, especially those centered around space, would have been dispersed through out the book.

Take everything that
tries to destroy you
curse you,
and turn it
into something beautiful
by incantation.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed Wild Embers. It is a powerful self-care focused collection of poems that are all about strength as a female, healing, inspiration, and breaking the molds of time-honored expectations that can be found in fairy tales.

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