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Review: Pulled Under - Lisa Renee Jones

PULLED UNDER (Walker Security #2)
by Lisa Renee Jones
NOVEMBER 28, 2017

A new sexy standalone from Lisa Renee Jones…

He is blond, tattooed, and dangerous. She's as beautiful as she is mysterious and could be his destruction…

Asher wasn't always a member of the elite Walker Security team, he was a billionaire's son, who rebelled against his father's controlling hand, and ended up in New York City's underground of drugs, rock n roll, and danger. But that is long behind him, and while his tattoos and long blond hair remain, he's now a chameleon, far more comfortable in a suit and tie than a leather jacket.

Or so he likes to tell himself.

But now Walker Security needs him back inside the underground club scene for a police case they're working. Women are dying, murdered, and the clock is ticking until another victim is claimed. When Asher is pulled back into this toxic world he meets Sierra, who is as beautiful as she is mysterious. A woman who calls to a darker side of him, long suppressed, unleashing it in what becomes wicked hot passion and obsession. But Sierra has a secret, one that leads her, and Asher, to a dangerous place, and game, with dangerous players, and the game is about life or death.

4 Stars
Asher knows he's in for it when his new coworker at the bar is a hot girl that looks just like a certain drug dealer's type. Sierra is stunning, stubborn, and sassy. There first meeting isn't exactly glamorous, but when he realizes she's running from something he makes her his business. Sierra's past is a distraction for Asher that he doesn't need for this job, but when it turns out her past might help them out he pulls her into his circle of friends. At first they keep secrets from one another, each playing a losing game, but when they team up it's the other players who need to watch their backs.

"We're going to help her. I'm going to help her."

Oh my lanta, Asher is all sorts of bossy, alpha hotness. He takes the cake for being Lisa Renee Jones' sweetest, but bossiest hero ever. He's also super protective and very possessive, which is great, because Sierra, our heroine, is flighty. She's running from her past, something we know Asher can and is willing to help with, but her inability to trust makes her a hard character to connect with. She has several moments where I thought she'd put herself, Asher, and all of the Walker Security family at risk. She also brought a really interesting storyline to this book, so I can't dislike her too much. Pulled Under features the standard evil bad guy plot, but also has a serial killer plot on the side as well. We get to see a romance unfold, while also getting a glimpse into the everyday jobs of the Walker Security team.

"While I fall for her, and she gets to know the killer i nme, will she hate me?"

I struggled to figure out where I wanted to rate this on the 5 star scale, because it didn't have as much action to it as I had hoped for. I didn't have the usual fear I have for the characters, because it never seemed like they were truly in danger. Yes, Sierra's life is certainly at risk, but for once our main character and hero, Asher, really made me feel like he could save anyone. He's on a level with Marvel superheroes, if you know what I mean? He was there at all the right moments, he swooped in and saved the day, and stopped Sierra from her worrying, so much that I really just felt like he could face anything. At the end of the day though, like all LRJ novels, I was hooked on Pulled Under and finished it in one sitting, so even without the action and the high-stakes suspense I really enjoyed it.

"But I need her. I want her. I have to have her, and protect her."

Pulled Under is another great release from Lisa Renee Jones and a real treat for standalone series fans. I'm a big fan of all the extended Walker Security boys so far and I already cannot wait for Jacob's book, because he promises one heck of a story. If you're a fan of hot alpha males, stubborn females, incredible dialogue, and intriguing story lines that keep you hooked, Pulled Under and all of the Walk Security series need to be on your to-read list right away.


Check out books one and three in the WALKER SECURITY series: Deep Under, book one, is available now and Falling Under, book three, is available for pre-order! All three books in the series are standalones.

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