Sunday, May 21, 2017

Release Blitz & Review: The Bad Guy - Celia Aaron

Title: The Bad Guy
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2017

My name is Sebastian Lindstrom, and I’m the villain of this story.

I’ve decided to lay myself bare. To tell the truth for once in my hollow life, no matter how dark it gets. And I can assure you, it will get so dark that you’ll find yourself feeling around the blackened corners of my mind, seeking a door handle that isn’t there.

Don’t mistake this for a confession. I neither seek forgiveness nor would I accept it. My sins are my own. They keep me company. Instead, this is the true tale of how I found her, how I stole her, and how I lost her.
She was a damsel, one who already had her white knight. But every fairy tale has a villain, someone waiting in the wings to rip it all down. A scoundrel who will set the world on fire if that means he gets what he wants. That’s me.

I’m the bad guy.
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4 Stars
Me = Villain lover.
Sebastian = Villain.
Me + Sebastian = Happily Ever After. *insert church emoji and bride emoji.*
Celia = The woman who gives me all my favorite villains.

It's pretty obvious I am a fan of our main character, the bad guy, Sebastian, right? He's dreamy and a psycho. There also is a good girl, Camille, who has a secret lust for all the bad guys. She's got herself a man, Link, who has less than polite thoughts. Camille and her man attend an event where Sebastian, Link's boss, spots Camille and recognizes her soul's deep longing for someone just like him. There's shared looks and confusing feelings, this single moment in time pushing Sebastian over the edge. He's found what he wants and like a true villain he makes sure he gets what he wants, no matter the cost.

"The fair maiden wanted the monster more than she needed the knight.

The Bad Guy gives us two complex main characters, a questionable secondary character, and a handful of background characters that bring this dark romance to life. You have the friends, the students, the dad, the boyfriend, and you have the heroine and the villain. Unlike Celia's more gothic tales, The Bad Guy takes place in a city that reads like many others. There's office, men in business suits, bars, and plenty of opportunities for one women to disappear in the blink of an eye. Camille, our good girl with dark desires, seems boring at first. She has a boring relationship, she teaches, and her friend constantly tries to break her from her shell. Sebastian, though, sees deep inside her and his complexities bring out hers. They shouldn't work as a couple, we've all been told the villain doesn't get the girl, but when Camille is her true self she and Sebastian just work. Celia successfully, and at a very fast pace, brings the Stockholm syndrome-esque situation to life. It's a dark romance that features minimal depravity, but the perfect amount of evil to keep me happy. I ended up liking the mousy Camille, I loved the dark Sebastian, and I really like that nothing was as it really seemed. Celia keeps the twists in this novel close to her, revealing them just as you think things are settling down. 

"..You enjoy dancing with the devil. Our deals? You play the good girl, but you wanted my kiss." 
(I love this quote.)

Though the plot was slightly underdeveloped and the general conflict a little underwhelming, I devoured this book and enjoyed it from start to finish. I found I didn't need it all to be fully fleshed out in order to enjoy it, because my vivid imagination could see this all happening as I read. Readers may find that Camille gave in a little fast, but she'd secretly been wanting much of what Sebastian and she shared all along. Plus, I hate Link. Make him go away. 

"He felt. And, in turn, I felt for him."

Readers looking for a fast read that fulfills all their devious desires should be reaching for The Bad Guy as soon as it releases. Celia has once again given her dark fans a book boyfriend that's equal parts villainous and endearing, the cover only feeding into just how hot this bad guy is. Plus, there's an epilogue, the kind ALL readers love. Swoony heart be still.

Author Bio

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.
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