Monday, July 18, 2016

Release Blitz & Review: Violet - Abby Gale

Angel is missing. 
The trail ends at Club Nymph and that is where Dawn begins her search. 
With no clues, Dawn does the only thing she can, she leaves Dawn behind and becomes Violet, a pole dancer looking for answers. 
In the midst of dark and mischievous world, temptation surrounds Violet and knowing who to trust proves a perilous decision. While her nights are filled with seduction, she must protect herself at every turn. 
Amidst danger and hidden agendas, it becomes a race against time. 
Will she find the truth without endangering her own life or risking her heart in the process? 

Violet is book 1 in a series, but can be read as a standalone. 
Reader Advisory: This book contains a fierce heroine and not one, but two beyond hot heroes. Graphic, sexual content including ménage. Intended for mature audiences.


4.5 Stars

I want her. Any way I can.

Violet knows the club has something to do with Angel's disappearance and she's willing to sink herself into the world of stripping if it means finding answers. She doesn't plan on loving how she feels on stage or on meeting the handsome Vincent brothers that want to share her. As she begins to get to know the other club workers and piecing together Angel's old life she finds herself wanting her old life from two years back as well. Xander and Alex bring out the real her, the funny side, the trusting side, and the sexual side. Their opposite personalities support her in her quest, helping as the clues bring her closer to the truth. The clock is ticking though, on Angel's life and on Violet's heart.

"Too bad. You're eye-catching, Violet. And trust me, it may be a dangerous thing," he said to my ear.

Violet is definitely an erotic suspense if you're looking for the best of both worlds. The characters are all attractive, driven by their desires and each determined to get what they want, though for different reasons. I loved Violet's one track mind, normally that could drive me crazy, but it makes sense for the situation. As the novel progresses she really transformed as a character, weaving together her personal story and Angel's missing person's case. I really enjoyed watching her refocus on herself, finding that her previous couple years of life hadn't left time for her own growth. Then there's Xander and Alex, how yummy. The men are polar opposites, except for their looks, and they make for an interesting duo when it comes to the menage pairing. I really like how much their push and pull with Violet forced her to learn to rely on others. Now for the suspense plot line; it was so well developed and leaves you guessing at every turn. I totally played Whodunnit the entire time I was reading. The entire book flows so well, equal parts hot, smutty, tension-filled, and even a bit romantic.

I can also see that this problem takes pieces from your soul... Don't let it.

I was so incredibly impressed with Abby Gale's debut novel, Violet is the kind of book you don't put down. I honestly didn't want to work, because I knew more was coming. It left me guessing, eager for the answers that are troubling Violet and very eager for more moments with the handsome Vincent brothers. There were some spelling and grammatical errors, however I did not find them taking away from the story too often. I think another round of fixes would make this book a 5 star read, so don't let the minor errors get to you, they don't matter in the grand scheme of things. The book is first person POV and though I don't normally like it, I found myself really picturing the role of Violet as my own. This is definitely a perfect example of don't just assume you won't like something without trying it, because I was totally hooked on this sexy and suspenseful novel.

Abby Gale is an alter ego who likes to write as much as reading. She loves writing erotica with little suspense in it. Finally, she found the courage she was looking for and decided to publish her book. Violet is her debut novel. 
Abby Gale in a few words: A pharmacist, a blogger, an avid reader, and an author.

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