Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last Minute Bookish Gifts

I made my Christmas list in October of this year, I have eclectic tastes when it comes to presents and things I want/need. My mom has asked for lists my entire life, T made me make one (because he sucks at shopping), and the rest of my family and I live so spread out we never know what each other does or doesn't have. There are few things that make me happier than books, make up, and Disney, so of course I'm fairly easy to shop for (in my opinion). However, if you aren't a book fan or you have someone who seems to own book everything, it's hard to pick out gifts. I made a list of ten fun bookish gifts that I, or anyone bookish, would like! At least 5 of these ended up on my list, one I even got for myself.
I know not all families are about the gifts, I support that 100%, this is just a fun list for those that do.

Litographs Tote Bags (or shirts, posters, and tattoos)
Who could possibly say no to something with the text to their favorite book on it! I personally love the Gatsby and Nancy Drew shirts!

Gone Reading Book Shaped Serving Ware
I am seriously considering buying this for myself, if T can have beer bottles as glasses I can have book shaped plates.

Prepara Iprep Tablet Stand
I have been begging for a tablet stand for ages, I don't know why I don't just go get one. I would use it for far more than just cooking though.

B&N Initial Bookmark 
I am sure you can buy these in several stores, but I love my C initial bookmark from Barnes & Noble. Mine has a white bow at the end and I carry it everywhere. It's handy to have in your purse if you happen to buy a book to read at the coffee shop, like I seem to do.

Uncommon Goods Literary Scarves
I think every reader needs one of these.

A book necklace from Etsy
I purchased one of these for a family member from RosetteBells and I am so impressed with how well made it is.

Mud In My Blood Harry Potter Candles
This store isn't open all the time, so make sure you're online when it is. These candles smell amazing, look great, and are perfectly themed.

Literary Art Prints
These are available everywhere, though I love this one from Islay's Terrace. You can even make your own! 

Uncommon Good's Banned Books Morph Mug

A Blind Date with a Book
How neat is this!!!!

Let me know if any of these ideas help you out or if you're like me and just buying these for yourself! 

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