Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Blitz: Without A Doubt - Lindsay Paige

Without a Doubt
Lindsay Paige
Publication date: December 18th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Emerson Montgomery loves his high school sweetheart, Kelly Price. He’d do anything for her, including agreeing to a break where they’ll see other people as he heads off to college. Struggling with the break and guilt over dating other people, Emerson meets Eva, a beautiful, funny, easygoing, and nosey junior.
Eva Harvey chose this particular college with the hopes of fulfilling her own fairytale and falling in love at the same college where her parents met. She does her best to go with the flow and simply see what happens, but Emerson simultaneously causes her to fall in love while making her second guess everything along the way.
There’s some things you know without a doubt. However, Eva causes Emerson to doubt everything he believes about his future while he causes her to doubt what’s right in front of her. Can they find a way to erase all doubts or will it tear them apart in the process?

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Kelly is quiet and then she softly says, “I didn't realize how much I missed you, Emerson.” Missed her friend? Missed her boyfriend? Both?

“I've missed you too.” As my friend? As my girlfriend? Why am I questioning the distinction when I never have before?

“I should let you go. Sleep well. Bye.”

“Bye, Kelly.” I hang up, pressing my face into my hands because I have no clue what I'm feeling.


I turn to see Eva, the sole reason for my questioning the distinctions with Kelly. The light I leave on in the kitchen shines behind her. It's just bright enough that I can see the confusion and hurt on her face. Guilt for talking to Kelly and for wanting to talk to her swallows me whole. Now, it's time to explain myself to Eva and hope I won't have to let her go.

Author Bio:
Lindsay Paige is the author of multiple Young Adult, New Adult, and Sports romances. She also coauthors sports romances with Mary Smith. Along with writing, she loves reading, watching hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins, and finding funny terrible puns and recipes on Pinterest. All the while, she is also focused on completing college.
Lindsay resides in North Carolina and is inspired by the world around her and the people in it. She is currently working on numerous solo works and a couple of projects with coauthor Mary Smith as well.

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