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The Fallen One by Brittney Sahin

The Fallen One (Falcon Falls Security #6)
by Brittney Sahin
Published March 14, 2024

From Wall Street Journal and Amazon Charts bestselling author Brittney Sahin, comes a sizzling love story between a morally gray hero who doesn’t believe in second chances, and the woman who will make him question everything.

Five years ago, a phone call forever changed my life as I listened to my wife being murdered half a world away.

Going rogue from the CIA, I became a man feared by everyone as I sought vengeance. Lies she’d told and secrets she’d kept, pushed me over an even darker edge.

With nothing to lose, I became unstoppable. A devil among men. Until justice was served, or so I’d thought it’d been . . .

Working alongside a team of veterans, trying to find my way back to the man I’d once been, another life-altering call came, drawing me back to the dark world I’d left behind.

The assignment should’ve been straightforward. Rescue a brilliant scientist working on a classified government project and save the nation from an attack while I was at it. But nothing in my life was ever simple.

When the missing scientist turned out to be the same off-limits woman I’d been obsessing over for months, saving her life was the easy part.

Not corrupting her in the process was the challenge. Especially when that gorgeous woman, innocent and untainted by the evils of the world, begged me to do exactly that.

Our past was complicated. The chemistry between us, undeniable. The desire to claim her as my own and never let go, unbearable.

My team may have been up against our most formidable threat ever, but there I was about to do something I never did. Lose my control.

Author’s Note: This is Carter Dominick’s book in the Falcon Falls Security Series. This romantic suspense novel may be read as a standalone.

5 Stars

Dom. The Devil. Carter Dominick. Five years ago he listened as his wife was murdered over the phone and as the world turned against him as he sought vengeance for her death. Only one woman held faith in him, giving him reason to believe in forgiveness and good. Partnered with a team of veterans with Falcon Falls Security, Carter thought he'd returned to good, but another phone call drags him back to the depths. He's tasked with rescuing a brilliant, beautiful scientist...the one who always believed in him, the one he absolutely cannot have.

Y'all, holy smokes. Holy insane chemistry. HOLY AGE GAP, MORALLY GRAY MC, GRUMPY SUNSHINE, ALL THE THINGS. Brittney Sahin said I can fit everything into this humongous 600+ page romantic suspense and a political mission at the same time. She pulled it off, if my five star rating doesn't give that away already. Carter hasn't been one of the main characters of the security team that I was dying to read, but that actually made The Fallen One all the better for me. Getting to know this grumpy man and the backstory to his jaded personality truly was incredible. As the world turned against him though, one young woman holds onto the belief that he is good, because she saw the real him. In fact, he's always let his walls down for her. I don't want to hide my review for spoilers, so I'll just say that the female main character will be an unexpected surprise for many readers and I hope they love her as much as I did.

There's a lot of emotional turmoil to get through for the happily ever after in this one, but it's worth it. I love a morally grey character finding hope, especially if a brilliant woman is the one to guide him to it. The Fallen One is a very classic romantic suspense, with the action taking the front seat and the romance sizzling slowly as the mission goes awry. You won't be able to put this one down, block out your calendar and settle in.

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