Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives by Kristin Miller

The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives
by Kristin Miller
Published July 20th 2021 by Ballantine Books

Meet the trophy wives of Presidio Terrace, San Francisco's most exclusive--and most deadly--neighborhood in this shrewd, darkly compelling novel from the New York Times bestselling author of In Her Shadow.

Mystery writer Brooke Davies is the new wife on the block. Her tech-billionaire husband, Jack, twenty-two years her senior, whisked her to the Bay Area via private jet and purchased a modest mansion on the same day. He demands perfection, and before now, Brooke has had no problem playing the role of a doting housewife. But as she befriends other wives on the street and spends considerable time away from Jack, he worries if he doesn't control Brooke's every move, she will reveal the truth behind their "perfect" marriage.

Erin King, famed news anchor and chair of the community board, is no stranger to maintaining an image--though being married to a plastic surgeon helps. But the skyrocketing success of her career has worn her love life thin, and her professional ambitions have pushed Mason away. Quitting her job is a Hail Mary attempt at keeping him interested, to steer him away from finding a young trophy wife. But is it enough, and is Mason truly the man she thought he was?

Georgia St. Claire allegedly cashed in on the deaths of her first two husbands, earning her the nickname "Black Widow"--and the stares and whispers of her curious neighbors. Rumored to have murdered both men for their fortunes, she claims to have found true love in her third marriage, yet her mysterious, captivating allure keeps everyone guessing. Then a tragic accident forces the residents of Presidio Terrace to ask: Has Georgia struck again? And what is she really capable of doing to protect her secrets?

4 Stars

Brooke and her husband Jack are moving to the prestigious Presidio Terrace, a private neighborhood full of San Francisco's wealthy elite. The rules are strict, the security stricter, and the secrets darker than she could ever imagine. With the HOA president, Erin, across the street and the famed Black Widow, Georgia, next door, Brooke sets about making friends with the woman who might just inspire her to finish her next novel. She could never have expected just a week into the new neighborhood she'd be keeping secrets alongside the women as Georgia's fiancé, and upcoming third husband, goes missing.

The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives was just plain fun to read. It's like The Real Housewives franchise with a shot of thriller tossed back. With hilarious dialogue, campy extravagance, and just the kind of murder you'd expect from wealthy, beautiful people, Kristin Miller delivers an entertaining thriller that is, in my opinion, the perfect summer read. I absolutely loved the flashiness of Brooke, Erin, and Georgia's lives. They have the cars, the clothes, the homes, the parties, and the attitudes. The women joke about things no one else would dream of saying out loud and they have the money to get away with it, even when the cops are involved. Unlike your usual trophy wives, these women lead their husbands, dropping suggestions so the men think it's their idea, but its the wives with the reigns and the jobs. Miller jumps into the suspense and thrills right away, with every page turn it gets just a bit more twisted and the women show just how dark they think.

Far-fetched, intriguing, and over-the-top, you'll want a drink or popcorn to dive into The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives.

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