Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Chasing Shadows by Brittney Sahin

Chasing Shadows 
(Stealth Ops #9)
by Brittney Sahin
Published March 25th 2021

From the hunters . . . to the hunted.

When former CIA officer, Harper Brooks, joined an elite unit of special operators, her mission was to serve and protect, not to fall in love. But Roman Riviera was like no one she’d ever met.

Echo Four was the quiet one. A broody genius. And that intense and gorgeous Navy SEAL stole her heart. But would he also steal her focus?

Roman may have set his sights on Harper, but being together could prove fatal for the brilliant, witty woman he couldn’t stop thinking about—and he couldn’t risk her life for love.

After giving in to the intense attraction, Harper and Roman are desperate to save their friendship . . . until an operation goes awry, forcing them to question everything, even each other.

With Echo and Bravo Teams cornered by an unexpected threat, Roman must share his closely guarded secrets to protect the teams. But sometimes facing your demons means having to become a devil in a three-thousand-dollar suit.

In this risky game of cat-and-mouse, Roman and Harper will be tested like never before, and all bets are off the table.

Chasing Shadows is a full-length standalone romantic suspense novel with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after. 

4 Stars

Roman and Harper gave into the attraction they share, but neither can commit, their secrets hold them back, so they vow to keep it a friendship so that they can remain focused on their work within a special operations unit. When a request for Harper comes from someone in her CIA past, the team follows to protect her as she meets the informant. It is there that Roman begins to realize that he cannot deny his need for her and there that a threat against the Bravo and Echo teams happens in the form of a car explosion. As more threats pop up, leading them down a path that just might turn deadly, both Harper and Roman's shadows come to light. Together they must chase the shadows.

Oh man, Brittney just keeps nailing it with the Stealth Ops series, this time with Roman and Harper, two of my more recent faves in the books. Harper is a more subdued female in Brittney's line of strong female characters, but she is no less smart, sassy, or strong. I liked how different she is, she's a truly fresh face and brings a unique perspective to the teams and the cases they handle. Roman, on the other hand, is as broody as he's been as a secondary character, only with the dirtiest thoughts ever. These two can get indecent, but they shape up when things go south on their mission. This whole dang book is on fire, both in chemistry and action, which makes it so hard to put down.

This one had a lot more romance, at least in my opinion, than previous novels in the series and I have to say, I liked it. There was a lot of building blocks to Roman and Harper's relationship and getting that insight was such a nice treat. Plus, this one has a lot of suspense and a lot of nail biting scenes, so I needed the lighter dialogue and sizzling chemistry to break it up. Written in dual-perspectives, Chasing Shadows is the ninth book in the Stealth Ops series, but is a complete standalone. That's right, you can read any of Brittney's books by themselves or all together, which is my personal favorite, because she is fantastic at giving readers glimpses into previous characters lives. If you're a romantic-suspense fan, don't skip on Chasing Shadows OR Brittney Sahin.

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