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Review: The Inside Man - Brittney Sahin

The Inside Man
(Dublin Nights #4)
by Brittney Sahin
Published April 30, 2020

They'll do anything for a second shot at forever.

When Cole McGregor entered my life, my whole world changed. My new neighbor was older, gorgeous, and the Irish accent had me swooning. And no matter what, he was always there for me, but only as a friend.

The day I walked out of his life without a trace . . . I'd left not as a young girl with a crush but as a woman in love.

I regretted my decision to leave Cole behind, but I never doubted the reason for my choice--the chance to find my brother even if I also found myself caught up in a shadowy world of danger.

Now, years later, my path has crossed Cole's again, and this time, in his home of Dublin. I've been through so much since I left New York, and I'm not prepared to share my secrets with anyone, not my brother, and especially not Cole.

With Cole stepping into an influential role in the city, one that comes with significant risk as he tries to take down the corrupt from the inside, I'm not sure if I'll ever earn redemption or another chance at love. And with each passing moment, I know one thing for certain--the truth always comes out, and once it does, there'll be no turning back.

The billionaire Irish McGregor family returns in this hot friends-to-lovers romantic suspense.

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4 Stars

Cole and Alessia have known one another forever, but life has separated them and the distance between them seems insurmountable, at least to Alessia. Where she's spent the time covering her path and learning to inhabit her brother Sebastian's life, Cole has spent his looking for the girl, now woman, he can't forget. They never expected for their paths to cross again in Cole's hometown of Dublin and certainly not with the dangers of Sebastian's life threatening them at every turn. Alessia will have to learn how to share her secrets as Cole steps into a prominent role and vows to care for the haunted, beautiful woman he has always loved.

We got to know Alessia briefly in her brother's novel, The Real Deal, and we know going into this novel that she's been through hell so even I, a Brittney Sahin fanatic, wasn't sure the romance we'd get in The Inside Man. Cole loves her from their youth, but Alessia is changed and the world they now have to live in has as well. They operate in a criminal world, attempting to make it safer, but coming across the danger themselves daily. There is bloodshed, secrets, fights, and revenge; worst of all, Alessia has kept the most dangerous secret to herself. The chemistry between them is blazing, but the path to romance is not an easy one for these two.

I may be in the minority, but I didn't love Alessia at all. She is a strong, courageous woman who has been through things and that didn't always translate to the pages. The men are classic men, they're out to protect and love, but Alessia, until much later in the novel, doesn't feel like she stands beside them even though she absolutely has the power to do so. She felt weak and I struggled with that. That said, she and Cole have such a great bond that really grows as the novel progresses and I loved seeing the history between them play out. They're the kind of characters who you instantly know work and that's just nice, especially with all the action going on. I had no doubt that Cole would find a way with Alessia, so I spent more of my time enjoying the fighting, the revenge, and the plotting.

The Inside Man is another action-packed, romantic suspense from Brittney Sahin. The world building in the Dublin Nights series is just incredible and I highly recommend the series.

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