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Release Blitz & Review: That's the Way I Loved You - Carrie Aarons

That's the Way I Loved You

by Carrie Aarons
Published: May 12, 2020


This town ain't big enough for the two of us.
Which is why I left.

I was determined never to return to Hale, Texas. But when my new life in the Big Apple throws me a curve ball, I have to go back to tie up loose ends. One of those being him.

Jason Whitney was my first everything. Kiss, love, epic heartbreak. He shattered my world once upon a time, and apparently, he’s not done yet.

With old demons lurking around every corner, hightailing it out of my hometown is at the top of my list. Complete my unfinished business, and I get to leave any memory of my country existence behind.

Only, with each day I spend in it, with each moment I spend with him, I’m turning back into the girl who laid in the tall grass and swam in the creek all those years ago.

And I’m not sure that who I was is ready to let me go again.


We drew a line down the middle, and neither of us has crossed it.
That is, until Savannah Reese blew back into our hometown.

The day my high school sweetheart left, she took my whole heart with her. We promised each other forever, made plans that only teenagers could believe in, and crashed and burned on the grandest of scales.

When Savannah last saw me, I was a disgraced high school athlete. All washed up, I took it out on the only person who loved me. Then her world really fell apart, and I was too selfish to care.

Now she’s back, ready to sell the only remaining thing tying us to each other. I’ve been breaking my back for the last ten years not to think about her, not to be reminded of the love we shared.

But now that she’s right here, it’s impossible to forget how we used to be. Or let go of what we still are.

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4.5 Stars
Savannah left behind her small Texas town the minute she landed in New York. She thought all that was left there was heartbreak, loss, and judgement, but when forced to return to settle some land issues she finds that home really is where the heart is. Friends and family welcome her back with open arms, but she's not prepared for the emotions that seeing her old love would stir in her. Jason Whitney has spent every day since Savannah ran trying to become a better man, a better man for her. He never knew if he'd get a chance to prove to her he's changed, but he's not missing the opportunity to try now. As old hurts surface Savannah tries to run again, but Jason knows the spark of life is once again being lit in her.

"Savannah Reese thinks she can just waltz back into town, have her way with it, and leave again like a breeze on the wind."

Small town, cute, and full of the good fluff. That's the Way I Loved You is just as promised, a second chance romance à la Sweet Home Alabama. Savannah is all New York City, Jason is all small town country boy, but the love they shared in their youth lives in that town. Savannah may fly in full of harsh words and a puffed ego, but the town centers her and I went from hating her to recognizing the pain that had made her that way. She's lost herself along the way and mixed into the romance is the story of Savannah finding herself again. The separated couple carry hurt, they share a past of heartbreak and loss and anger, but through the support of friends, family, and their own strong wills, they find their way back.

"Crazy in love, about each other, and just about every other shade of crazy under the sun."

So, I docked half a star for the first 20%, it took me a while to get into the book. Initially it was just too much like Sweet Home Alabama, the characters are very similar and some of the dialogue is too, but as it went on it became its own unique story. It went from too much to a few subtle references here and there that made me think of my favorite movie, but didn't feel like copying. Plus, That's the Way I Loved You is a lot less comedy and a whole lot more feelings. I swore I wasn't going to get teared up, but classic Carlene, I did indeed need some tissues.

"But that was once upon a time. And this was after the fallout."

A sweet, standalone romance for second-chance fans, That's the Way I Loved You was just the light romance read I needed. Low in angst, heavy on the feel good Carrie Aarons takes readers on a journey into Texas filled with sweet tea, pick up trucks, and friends that take you to the salon just to gossip.

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  1. Sweet, ladies' romance. This is just an easy reading of the novel for a good mood. There will be something to gossip about with girlfriends for sweet tea. Thank.


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