Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Review: Chasing the Knight - Brittney Sahin

Chasing the Knight (Stealth Ops: Echo Team #1)
by Brittney Sahin
Published: February 20, 2020

She's the admiral's daughter . . . and the one woman bad-boy Wyatt Pierson can't resist.

When Wyatt left England, he said goodbye to his privileged upbringing and forged his own path. After years of running operations for an elite unit of Navy SEALs, he's satisfied with his mission-focused life until a messy entanglement walks through the door.

Natasha Chandler doesn't exist--and that's the way she likes it. Total dedication to her cover is precisely what makes her a great CIA officer. The career she loves exacts a heavy price, though: family, identity, relationships. But while chasing one of the most wanted criminals in the world, the rugged and sexy Teamguy she can't seem to forget walks back into her life and has her questioning everything.

Working together to hunt down an elusive cyber-terrorist, Wyatt and Natasha are forced to face their past, expose their secrets, and survive the explosive chemistry mounting between them. And when a young woman connected to Wyatt winds up in the crosshairs of the hacker's deadly game, he and Natasha must protect her and others from falling victim to the next attack.

Will the obsession for justice cost them their chance to be together--or will they get their shot at love?

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5 Stars
Wyatt Pierson doesn't let people in, he keeps his personal life quiet and isn't looking for anything more. He keeps his mind on the missions he's assigned to, leaving his past in the past and keeping everything else as no strings attached. Natasha Chandler threatens those carefully laid plans though. She may keep her life as off the books as she can, but their first meeting a few years prior gave them both an unforgettable memory and a desire for more. When their missions tangle together the two must learn to trust as they have to reveal their secrets and rely on one another to stop a dangerous hacker from completing more deadly attacks. Like all missions though, distractions can make it all the more treacherous.

"'I know our target,' he said once Jessica and Luke were out of earshot. 'Hell,' he added. 'I've even kissed her.'"

Fast-paced, romantic, and packed with suspense, Chasing the Knight is another successful installment in Brittney Sahin's expanding Stealth Ops world. Chasing the Knight is the kick off novel for the Echo Team series, following Wyatt Pierson as he plays a literal game of chess. It's one clever book title, for sure. A power-hungry hacker makes people his pawns and takes members of Echo Team all over the world as they do their best to both play the game and figure out just who is behind the attacks. I was so excited for Wyatt's story, we've only had glimpses of Echo Team in action alongside the Bravo guys, so this was a nice change of pace. On top of that, the suspense and story line in this one is very different. The hacking plot, the truth of who Wyatt really is, his attraction to a top CIA agent? It all makes Chasing the Knight really stand out. I also loved Natasha, she's in the action right alongside the team, stubborn to a fault and not afraid of anything. Together they make a cute couple and a really great team, even when they're busy denying their attraction.

"It was like he'd painted her with infrared, and she was all he could see in his scope."

With incredible attention to detail, a unique plot, and a standout cast of characters, Brittney Sahin has once again crafted an unforgettable romantic military fiction.

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  1. This story is as old as the world. Beauty and the beast in modern interpretation. The storyline is intriguing. An unforgettable romantic story. Women will be thrilled. Thank.


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