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Review: The Real Deal - Brittney Sahin

The Real Deal
(Dublin Nights #3)
by Brittney Sahin

A mysterious deal maker. A ruthless businessman. And now he’s on her board of directors . . .

Holly McGregor shouldn’t be attracted to someone with ulterior motives at her company. But she can’t avoid his unforgiving stare, deny their electric chemistry, or resist his touch, his mouth, the dangerous invitation she sees in his eyes.

Her family hates him, and the city fears him, but she knows there’s another side to Sebastian Renaud because he slipped—he let her witness the light beneath the dark. He’s protective and compassionate, and now that she’s had a taste, she only wants to discover more.

When Sebastian first laid eyes on Holly, all he saw was a woman he could never have. But when Holly gets caught in the crosshairs of a sick game of vengeance, he has no choice but to step into her life, and resisting her will seriously test his resolve.

He’ll do anything to keep Holly safe, but amid the biggest deal of his life, protecting her means facing his demons—consequences be damned.

The Irish billionaire family, the McGregors, are back in this all-new Dublin Nights romantic suspense. The Real Deal can be read as a standalone.
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4.75 Stars

Holly McGregor is ready to take her family's business in a new direction, expanding into the film industry feels like the right move, but Holly finds herself fighting a member of the board on it. Sebastian Renaud has just joined the board, but he already presents a challenge, both due to his history as a stubborn business man and the insane attraction Holly feels for him even while she hates him. As Holly works to move the business forward she finds herself working alongside Sebastian more than she'd like and along the way she discovers a side to him she did not expect.

Sebastian Renaud has long harbored an attraction for Holly, but he's more than the businessman she knows. His tough persona isn't just a front, it's built from a difficult past, a dangerous profession, and secrets best left buried. His title of The Deal Maker is about to become the one thing he must rely on as Holly becomes entangled in part of Sebastian's life he holds closest to him. Dangerous people, deceit, and power collide as Sebastian and Holly work towards a business deal that threatens the very safety Sebastian has guaranteed to the McGregor family.

"But my prince wasn't the hero. He was the villain. And yet, I couldn't help but want the bad guy."

Oh my word, I have loved every Dublin Nights book, but The Real Deal is easily my favorite. It's got all the characters we know, it ties in perfectly to the two previous novels, but it's also a complete standalone with a complex story line that feels interesting and new. It's the story of good and evil, the clash that comes from them meeting, and the hero that rises from it all, proving that everyone has a little bit of both in them. Sebastian was everything I wanted in a hero, he's every bit as terrifying as he is handsome, with a dark past and a huge heart and ominous stories shared about him that bring fear out in people. He was so interesting as a character, I really loved how deep Brittney got into his past and the pieces of his puzzle, I could've easily read an entire series about him alone. Holly is sweet, strong, and one heck of a ferocious businesswoman. Like all of Brittney's heroines, Holly has sass, drive, and the inability to take things lying down. She approaches things sometimes with a leap and sometimes with logic, it makes her feel realistic and the situations come to life. Sebastian and Holly have so many similarities, especially when it comes to their vulnerabilities, but it makes them an ideal couple and watching them discover that in this story, all while work and threats continue coming their way, really makes for an incredible read.

"My sins were easily hidden when the sun slept."

The Real Deal is another successful, action-packed, and romantic read from one of my favorite go to authors, Brittney Sahin. As a longtime fan it was so nice to revisit characters I've loved and to dive into a book world we haven't been in for a while. Like all novels she writes, Brittney Sahin brings to life the locations the novels are based in and creates complex, realistic characters for readers to root for. With heart and heat, Brittney Sahin has given us another book that is impossible to put down.

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