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Release Day Review: Finding Justice - Brittney Sahin

Finding Justice (Stealth Ops Book 2) 
by Brittney Sahin
Published: November 29, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense

They say the truth will set you free--if it doesn't bury you first.

As a Navy SEAL for a covert special ops team, Owen York has no time for relationships. But when he's forced to go on vacation, he finds himself falling for a sexy stranger, a woman who turns out to be linked not only to his latest assignment but to his past. Owen's spent years searching for his brother's killer, but now that he has a chance at revenge . . . he'll have to see how far he's willing to go for justice.

After losing her fiancé a decade ago, Samantha McCarthy lives and breathes her job at the Intelligence Committee. She puts everything, especially love, aside--until one day her world flips upside down, and she finds herself at the center of a massive government cover-up. Turning to Owen York for help is her only hope. What she doesn't count on is for him to knock down the walls around her heart.

Thrown together on a mission that's as personal as it is dangerous, Owen and Samantha will face their toughest challenge yet--and risk falling for each other in the process.

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5 Stars

Action packed and just the right amount of sweet, smutty romance, Finding Justice is Brittney Sahin's latest release in the romantic suspense genre. Both a standalone and the second novel in the Stealth Ops series, Finding Justice gives us the story of Owen York, a Navy SEAL special operative with a repressed desire for revenge. On the ten year anniversary of his brother's passing he'd like to be finding the killer, not sunning on the beach, but boss' orders put him there and when the stunning Sam bumps into him he finds himself thankful for the break. Sam is holding back a secret from him, knowing she can't feel more for him, but when she's thrust into the center of a government cover-up she has to rely on him and his team for protection. She knows she's safe with him, but she doesn't expect her heart to find safety with him as well. Tied together on a dangerous mission Owen and Sam fight for answers and fight to keep their hearts protected.

"'You don't have to be nice to me,' she cried.
'Yeah, well, I can be mad at you tomorrow.'"

I loved the first Stealth Ops book and I loved Finding Justice just as much, if not more. While I admit I'm really excited for Asher and Knox's stories, two other special ops members, I found myself really enjoying Owen and Sam's story. I hadn't really felt like I'd known them from the first novel, so they felt new. Sam is incredibly smart, driven, and really believes in making a difference in the world. Owen, while he's got a giant chip on his shoulder, is like the quiet brother of the team, not one for wild behavior, but Sam brings it out in him. This book was like watching them get to know themselves and get to know each other, each having lived in the past for the prior ten years. They have a lot in common and as they work together on an op they find that the things they share in common could only be understood by one another, it's the thing that ties them together in both a positive and negative way. As they overcome danger and work to uncover the past they find themselves in love and what a beautiful love it is.

"He bent his head and kissed her, stealing the truth from her lips, allowing the lie to live."

Every single book from Brittney Sahin is better than the next and I'm not just saying that. She's taken a team of special ops agents, created an action packed world, and somehow she manages to make every story incredibly unique. It's more than bad guys, handsome heroes, and beautiful women who need saving. The girls are strong in their own right, often fitting into the men's world perfectly and bringing their brains to the table too. The men, though handsome and strong, each have deep seated issues that they work through in their individual books. The team is like family, with the secondary characters playing important roles in each novel rather than just supporting from the background. The characters and their stories are complex, and while not relatable, are incredibly realistic and entertaining. It's easy to get swept away by the action, drama, and romance.

If you like your romantic suspense filled with military men and women, fast-paced action, government secrets, and swoon worthy love, Brittney Sahin's Stealth Ops series is for you.

ARC provided.

About the Author
Brittney Sahin began writing at an early age, with the dream to be a published author before the age of 18. Although academic pursuits (and, later, a teaching career) interrupted her aspirations, she never stopped writing--never stopped imagining.

It wasn't until her students encouraged her to follow her dreams that Brittney said goodbye to Upstate New York in order to start a new adventure in the place she was raised: Charlotte, North Carolina. Here, she decided to take her students' advice and begin to write again.

In 2015, she published her first novel, Silenced Memories (The Safe Bet). When she is not working on upcoming novels, she spends time with her family. She is a proud mother of two boys, and a lover of suspense novels, coffee, and the outdoors.

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