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Blog Tour & Review: The Truth About Us - Aly Martinez

The conclusion to the heart-stopping Truth Duet by Aly Martinez is live!

(The Truth Duet, #2)

Truth: Penn Walker entered my life like a summer storm—dark, ominous, and filled with thunder.
After witnessing my husband’s murder, I didn’t have much of a heart left to offer a man.
But Penn took it all.
Every jagged shard.
Every broken bit.
Even the dirty and twisted pieces that I wish never existed.

Lie: I didn’t need him to save me.
Lie: I knew exactly who he was.
Lie: Losing him wouldn’t destroy

But that’s the thing about lies—you never know who to believe.

Read it now:

4.5 Stars
Cora is heartbroken, scared, and confused. There's money to move forward, but how do you move forward when your heart is burnt up with the ashes of your previous life? And Penn, he had become her world, stealing her heart, repairing its jagged edges, only to leave her alone and fraught with despair. All Cora knows now are lies and the truth is impossible to find.

"'That was me. That was us. And that was the truth.'

Oh my word. Thank heavens we didn't have a massive wait in-between the release dates of this duet, because I could not handle the anticipation that ate at me daily. What happened to Penn really? Who is he? What is Cora going to do? What's next for the Guerreros? How will my heart survive this when it barely made it through The Truth about Lies? So many questions, so few answers, at least until The Truth About Us. Aly Martinez gifts us with another captivating story filled with romance, humor, steam, and action. Cora remains the most driven female heroine around, finding a way to climb the stairs of despair to care for everyone around her, even if she can't bring herself to care for herself. And Penn? I want to punch him and hug him all at once.

"Lies were light and fluffy. Made to order. Easy to digest. Impossible to hold on to."

The suspense we're left feeling in The Truth About Lies is lifted in The Truth About Us, wrapping up this duet of revenge and redemption. The clash of worlds in this book was so well done, with Penn's wealth, Cora's poverty, and Guerreros' crime money joining together for a battle of life and death, truth and lies, love and hate. We're given a front row seat to a battle of emotion and wills, our sideline seats only giving us the ability to cheer for our wants, boo our hates, and scream when we want the characters to open their eyes up and realize what's to come. It's an impossible to put down story and the BEST second novel in a duet that I have ever read. I could never predict what was coming next and I loved every moment of suspense and surprise.

"But the truth was dense. A boulder made of magnets, the Earth being the north to its south. The truth could crush a person with nothing more than reality."

Aly Martinez is the queen of romance sans the fluff, she takes us down into the deep, dark ugly part of our emotions and then takes us soaring with the high of love and lust. The threats in this duet are scary, but they're certainly no match for Cora, Penn, Drew, Savannah, River, and the other secondary characters with hearts of gold despite the black souls that brought them to this point. This duet will ensnare you, leaving you unable to read or do anything else but read, read, read. The ending though, it's gratifying, leaving me with a smug smile of satisfaction and a heart just as lost in love as Cora's. The Truth Duet is a stunning, must read from Aly Martinez. 

THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES (The Truth Duet, #1)
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Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.


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