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Fashion Friday: Wearing Words

Hooked88 | Write Me Wicked
I am fairly well known by my friends and acquaintances as the girl who wears whatever she wants. I dress in vintage fashion one day, jeans and a cardigan the next, but my staple pieces for every outfit is always bookish jewelry. It's a little heavier to carry around your favorite books. ;) I love words so much that I can't imagine not having them near me. I can look down at my wrist or feel the weight around my neck and know those words are with me. The title of my blog is Carlene Inspired for a reason, I love all forms of inspiration, but the biggest one for me is words and I want everyone to see how much they mean to me.
 I get a lot of questions about my jewelry, what it says, what it means, what book it's from, and where I purchased it, so thought I'd share it with you all today. I'm not afraid to have someone else wearing the same thing as me, I like knowing someone is just as in love with words and the power they have in our lives. So, if you have bookish jewelry, please tell me about it. I'm always up for a chat on FB or Instagram.

Hot Topic | Alex and Ani 
There are so many fandoms out there that if you like a book series, like Harry Potter or something from Disney, you're sure to find jewelry and clothing at any regular store. I have pieces from Hot Topic and Alex & Ani, though one of those has much lower prices than the other. I'm a massive Potterhead, a very proud Slytherin, and the owner of a lot of HP things. My favorite pieces are an Owl Post ring, my Always bracelet, and of course my Deathly Hallows necklace.

Then there's Tarryn Fisher, one of my absolute favorite authors and the wise woman who wrote a book that lifted me up in ways I never knew a book could. She writes books that change the way I perceive the world and the people I interact with; she taught me how to love fiercely without judgement and embrace the difficult qualities in ourselves that make us who we are. In her words, Live Barefoot and Fucking Fight. I own Tarryn jewelry from a number of locations, but my favorite store has to be Write Me Wicked. The masterminds behind these bracelets (and rings) have given me a way to wear my favorite quotes, without being too loud. I can stack them, mix book quotes together, and pair them with any number of other pieces. They're simple in that I can wear them all the time and they definitely always remind and inspire me.
Err on the side of love & You'll feel me in the fall backwards
Write Me Wicked
If you follow my blog then you know I love romance and that I'm a big ole softy when it comes to girl meets boy stories and angst that breaks my heart. From Staci Hart to Jessica Hawkins, give me a book that makes me cry and I'm sure to love it forever. Fiction Jewelry, created by the beautiful Parrish Walsh, has some of the most incredible pieces that grab attention and can be worn dressed up and down. I have quite a few pieces from Fiction Jewelry, but my two favorites are the necklaces below. One says Happily Ever After and I frequently pair it with tanks and tees, the other is a gemstone necklace with the words "my heart formed with you already in it," from Jessica Hawkin's Move the Stars. I love the delicate chain on both these necklaces and the quartz is just the right weight. 
Fiction Jewelry

Besides the jewelry from large retailers, every store I buy from offers customization. Whether the words that inspire you are from a book or a song or a movie, or its a word that makes you feel strong and courageous, you can have them with you whenever you'd like. I have some rings headed my way currently, each with a single word on them, and I cannot wait to have Robinne Lee's "bisous" on my hand at all times. Of course, I have lots of pins as well, but that's probably best saved for another day. 

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