Thursday, July 26, 2018

Review: Yard Sale - Charleigh Rose

Yard Sale
by Charleigh Rose
Published: July 26, 2018
Genre: Novella, Contemporary Romance

I was freshly fired from my job and betrayed by my boyfriend.
It was a new low for me.
A one-night stand with an arrogant stranger was just what I needed.
I didn’t know that he was a famous snowboarder, or that he’d give me the best sex of my life.
I wasn’t ever supposed to see him again.
Fate had other plans.

I was young and rich with the whole world at my fingertips.
I was in my prime.
A one-night stand with a hot little tourist on the rebound was the perfect way to spend my weekend.
I didn’t know she’d leave in the middle of the night, or that I’d wake up wanting more.
I never thought I’d see her again.
Now she’s back.
She’s been keeping a secret.
One that will change everything.

*Yard Sale is a quick, fun, dirty novella previously released in the Team Player anthology, now containing new content and a sneak peek into Rewrite the Stars, coming this fall.

4 Stars
Cam is a tattooed professional snowboarder, famed for throwing the hardest tricks and bagging the hottest girls. When he's not slope side or riding his skateboard he's throwing drinks back with his friends and padding his player reputation. When sweet, teary eyed Mollie caught his eye he went for it, finding her sass charming and her tears a problem to fix. She thinks a one night stand could fix it all and who wouldn't want a bad boy. She throws caution to the wind spending the night happy, confident, and in a haze of lust. When she sneaks out in the morning she thinks it's the last of them, but she couldn't be more wrong.

You can always count on Charleigh Rose to give you something sexy, dirty, and laugh out loud funny. Novellas are difficult to make convincing, they either tell a quick story with a cliffhanger that makes you desperate or too much is packed in to make it believable. Charleigh Rose embraces the challenge, taking romance reader's favorite tropes and making them work in Yard Sale. It's classic bad boy meets good girl, revealing a sweeter side to himself, a naughtier side to her, and a blissful future together. It also lends itself to some humor, with tears, impromptu lake side making out, and Cam getting his words handed back to him. I really liked both characters, I was able to picture them instantly and found them perfect together. I would take Cam fawning over me in a heartbeat. Yes, it's a quick read, a fantasy type of story like the kind you dream up in your head about your favorite actor falling head over heels for you randomly, but it's a fantastic escape. Plus, if you've read Bad Habit and Bad Intention you'll be happy to read the extended epilogues she has included at the end.

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