Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Review: I Flipping Love You - Helena Hunting

I Flipping Love You
by Helena Hunting
Published: May 29, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

A new kind of love story about flipping houses, taking risks, and landing that special someone who’s move-in ready…


Rian Sutter grew up with the finer things in life. Spending summers in The Hamptons was a normal occurrence for her until her parents lost everything years ago. Now Rian and her sister are getting their life, and finances, back on track through real estate. Not only do they buy and sell houses to the rich and famous, but they finally have the capital to flip their very own beachfront property. But when she inadvertently catches the attention of a sexy stranger who snaps up every house from under her, all bets are off…


Pierce Whitfield doesn’t normally demo kitchens, install dry wall, or tear apart a beautiful woman’s dreams. He’s just a down-on-his-luck lawyer who needed a break from the city and agreed to help his brother work on a few homes in the Hamptons. When he first meets Rian, the attraction is undeniable. But when they start competing for the same pieces of prime real estate, the early sparks turn into full-blown fireworks. Can these passionate rivals turn up the heat on their budding romance — without burning down the house?

I FLIPPING LOVE YOU, set in the Shacking Up world, follows two people, both working in real estate, who find themselves vying for the same properties in the Hamptons, leading to a sometimes-not-so-friendly competition. 

4 Stars

Helena Hunting makes house flipping and the real estate world sound fun in I Flipping Love You. A hilarious, sweet, and sexy read, I Flipping Love You features Pierce and Rian, a new couple with an unfortunate not so meet-cute and chemistry that sparks at a single glance. With the dust settled these two start a fling before realizing their business ventures are tied together and they must separate business from pleasure. Things get a little messier when Rian's covered up past is uncovered and Pierce's personal life rears its head, revealing that both are afraid of commitment, but not afraid of each other. It's a lesson in trust and lust for the two, because it can't just be an easy summer spent flipping houses.

"I want to find out if she kisses like she's fighting or submitting. Or maybe both."

Helena Hunting is always funny, but also manages to write sincere romance that isn't predictable. Anyone who watches HGTV or DIY knows about the flipping homes craze, but I personally haven't seen any books featuring it, so this one was fun for me. I really appreciated that both Rian and Pierce were multi-faceted characters; their day to day lives and interactions were not solely focused on home sales and fixer uppers, but also on their emotional and physical connection, their personal lives with family and friends, and the pasts each has that leaves them with a bit of commitmentphobia. Told from their alternativing first person perspectives, Rian is a spunky girl with a desire to be better than her past told her she would be and Pierce just wants to finally make a career out of something he enjoys rather than something he's told to do. Both of their end goals make them perfect business partners or perfect enemies, but what Helena Hunting does with their personal and business relationship is even better. I really liked both main characters and reading their romance was laugh out loud funny and awe-worthy sweet. Yes, they sneak off to romp in every home and in various other locations, but they also learn to share and lean on someone besides their own family. The characters are more mature but I sort of liked that the character development in the novel was simpler. It was the perfect nice, light-hearted read I was hoping it would be.

"I am stretched with a capital S. Maybe even all caps. Shouty ones. It looks so hot."

I wanted to read I Flipping Love You, because I love any shows about flipping houses, but I also really, really, REALLY liked the cover. The model is both adorable and handsome and grabbed my attention right away. Turns out cover lust led me the right way this time. I Flipping Love You is a standalone, but if the other books are anything like this then they're going to be winners for me, for sure. I highly suggest this one, it's the sort of book you can read repeatedly and still enjoy.

"The desire is visceral, a shimmer in the air, a heat in my veins, and a fire in his eyes. That is what wanting someone is."

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