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Review: Dirty Talk - Lauren Landish

Dirty Talk
by Lauren Landish
Published: December 26, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica

He makes dirty sound so good. So right.

The moment I heard his velvety voice growl that I’m his ‘Kitty Kat’, I knew I was in trouble.

Derrick ‘The Love Whisperer’ King gives out relationship and sex advice on the radio to everyone, but he’s giving me something a bit more personal. Nobody’s ever talked to me the way he does. Daring, Demanding, Sexy… and oh, so Dirty.

Maybe we started this whole thing a little backward, sex first and getting to know each other after. But I'm starting to let my guard down, my untrusting heart beginning to think that maybe fairy tales do come true. Even for me.

I feel beautiful and hopeful when he worships my body. I feel dirty and naughty when he whispers filthy things in my ear.

But is it real? Can something so naughty really be good for me?

And more importantly, against all odds, can it last… forever?

Dirty Talk is a full-length Romance with a happy ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! 
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4 Stars
I'm going to kick this review off by letting y'all know it has been a while since I have read erotica of any kind, let alone a very good erotica book. It's not that I don't enjoy them, but they can get repetitive and honestly, I get really shy reading them out in public. I have several reader friends that love Lauren Landish and the cover for Dirty Talk definitely is super hot, so when the opportunity to read it came I couldn't pass it up. I definitely couldn't read it at the salon, but my boyfriend had a great time reading over my shoulder, so that has to count for something.

"Late-night sessions with the Love Whisperer? Lucky me."

As soon as I started reading I knew there was something different about Dirty Talk in comparison to all the previous erotic romances I have read in the past. It's filled with engaging dialogue, just the right amount of details, and characters that feel genuine and relatable. Katrina Snow is a tech-geek, the kind of girl who wants a reliable app and to break into the boys club more than she wants to find a man that puts out all the stops. She's unaware of her beauty, definitely a dirty talker, and not a believer in romance. Derrick is a radio-show host, known as The Love Whisperer, he spends his time giving listeners advice on all things dating and sexual, but personally he believes in fairytale love. What starts as a book about Katrina's boyfriend being a skeezy, cheating jerk soon becomes a fast-paced romance between Kat and Derrick as they engage in a bit of dirty talk after she calls into the show.

"'How about you don't mark it off, and maybe we can do that again?' Derrick asks."

Yes, Dirty Talk is short, it's a very fast read, but it's entertaining and so very sexy. It's the sort of smut that's enjoyable to read though, hitting every girls checklist of what she wishes her partner would do. It had moments that were laugh out loud funny, smut that made me blush, and even some emotional moments that tugged at my heartstrings. My general enjoyment of reading this one is what moved it into four star range, as there are a few grammar issues and plot holes that pulled my attention away while reading.

"This isn't a late-night video chat and booty call."

I can say I am a new fan of Lauren Landish and I will be reading some of her previous releases, as well as looking forward to anything new that may come in the future. A little smut never hurt anybody. ;)

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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