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Review: Unveiling Fate - Jeannine Allison

Unveiling Fate (Unveiling #4)
by Jeannine Allison
Published: October 26, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

The girl who everyone forgot…

Ellie Harrington wanted to be remembered. After years of being neglected by her parents and ignored by her peers, she tried to drown her sorrows in alcohol. But at the tender age of twenty, her biggest crutch becomes her greatest obstacle when a positive pregnancy test changes her life forever.

The boy who wished to be forgotten…

Grayson Mable wanted to disappear. After suffering years of torment at the hands of bullies and the tragic loss of his best friend, he cut himself off from the world. Almost a decade later, the victim has become the protector. But instead of seeing a hero, he sees a broken man, haunted by his past.

Tell me something that hurts…

Both believe they’re destined for loneliness, until their paths cross and everything changes. The pair become fast friends, trading their darkest secrets and revealing their deepest regrets. As time goes on and their feelings grow, the pieces of their broken hearts come together, fitting perfectly to make them whole. But mended hearts are fragile… Will Ellie and Grayson crumble under the weight of their pain? Or can they stand strong and embrace what fate has planned?

Unveiling Fate is a STANDALONE romance.
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4 Stars

Ellie Harrington is used to being looked over, at being forgotten, at being a mistake in her parent's perfect world. She grew used to the loneliness, to the doubt in herself, covering it up with alcohol and the company of other addicts. Grayson Mable couldn't forget her if he tried though, the beautiful pregnant girl fighting so hard to stay sober is threatening his ordered, quiet world. What starts as a job for him becomes something more as Ellie breaks down his walls and he finds himself doing anything for a moment with her. Both are so used to being alone that they don't even realize that their broken hearts are mending for one another.

"This was the moment. The tiny, unforeseen moment that flipped my world upside down."

I have been looking forward to Unveiling Fate for AGES. Jeannine Allison has crafted a stunning standalone series with her Unveiling books and this one promised so much. The characters are flawed and realistic, their problems are relatable and the happy lives they seek, and so deserve, make these books some of my favorites. Unveiling Fate is definitely the sweetest of the bunch, with only a bit of angst to make the tears flow. Ellie is such a strong character, I was really impressed with Jeannine Allison for writing a character that had so much determination to be better, to be something more. I loved that Ellie brought out that same determination in Grayson. He had accepted his fate, his loneliness, created it for himself really, but Ellie peeled all his layers back. Sweet little Andy, Ellie's brother Damien, and Naomi really helped bring the story to completion. Allison created a complete world with the Unveiling series and this installment allows readers of the previous standalone novels to get an update on where their favorite characters are at now.

"It felt like the time had come to finally tell our deepest fears. Our worst memories."

Like the other Unveiling novels, Unveiling Fate features incredibly difficult subject matters, including alcoholism and depression, and follows the characters through the ups and downs as they find their way to happiness. Ellie is a soon-to-be single mom and Grayson is a tough cop with no relationships to speak of and a case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Individually they are lonely and very aware of their flaws, but when together they help each other forget. Unveiling Fate moves very quickly at first, I felt like we missed much of their bonding moments and some crucial developments in their relationship. It covers a lengthy period of time, only slowing when they finally recognize they share feelings for one another. I would've liked to see the small moments where they stepped out of their comfort zones, but I absolutely loved, and would not change, their sharing of something bad with each other. The things they shared were similar to my own memories and to those my friends have shared as well, they made the book even more real and they made me want more for Grayson and Ellie too.

"The pawn can always become more, Ellie."

Ellie and Grayson share their poignant past with one another, finding that though their sadness is different that only they can truly understand one another. Unveiling Fate is about them working through their pasts, through the lives they have created for themselves, and about the futures they hadn't thought they would ever get, but now wanted. They find comfort and courage in each other, creating new stories with happiness and love. It was emotional and at times heartbreaking, but ultimately it was romantic, the kind of book where you fall in love with the characters and their story.

"I see you, Ellie. I see you"

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