Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Release Blitz & Review: The Heiress - Cassia Leo

Author: Cassia Leo 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Release Day: September 26th

How much is love worth?
Twenty-two-year-old Kristin and her single mom have always struggled to make ends meet. When her mother’s body begins to deteriorate after many backbreaking years of working as a housekeeper, Kristin must say farewell to her college dreams and hello to a full-time job waitressing. She doesn’t really mind. After all, giving up on her dreams will be her penance for that one horrible night. Her luck begins to turn when she meets Daniel Meyers. Daniel is sexy and funny, but most importantly, he wants to get to know the real Kristin. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also extremely wealthy and intent on protecting her. Kristin feels safe with him. She wants to open up to him, to share the details of the awful night that changed her life. But she can’t shake the feeling that Daniel may be keeping a dark secret of his own…

4 Stars

I am so excited to have a new Cassia Leo book, she writes romance like no one else and The Heiress is no different. The Heiress introduces us to Kristin and Daniel, two strangers from opposite sides of the track who have a chance meeting. Kristin works hard to take care of her mom, she'll do anything to keep a roof over there head and food on the table so when Daniel stands up for her and helps her make that happen she agrees to a date. She notices he's a little moody and seems to be hiding a Bronx upbringing under his wealth, but she feels comfortable and finds herself trusting him. Daniel falls for Kristin under the guise that he's a wealthy businessman, but the truth is far worse. He started everything with his family in mind, but as he gets to know her he knows he has to do what is right. The stakes are high and he's putting it all on the line, but protecting her is worth it.

"If I was in over my head, I didn't care. He was worth it."

The Heiress is told from the alternating perspectives of Kristin and Daniel, each giving a glimpse into their relationship and how it blossomed so quickly. We get to see Kristin's past, starting with her move to the Bronx at the young age of eleven until present day at twenty-two. We get to know her family and friends, but there's secrets in her past even she tries to ignore. Kristin is a firecracker of a character, she has some fantastic one-liners, but she's also an excellent damsel in distress. Daniel, from the start, was obviously keeping something from Kristin. He really is perfect on paper, but like Kristin the reader too catches onto his shifting moods and the reader also sees just how coincidental their meetings are. It's hard to deny them once they're together though, they're sweet, they're romantic, they have a pile of sexual chemistry between them, and they seem to bring out the best in each other. Getting to see into both of their perspectives as they recognize what they feel for one another was so interesting. Then there's the twists, and oh are they good. I wondered for a while where the title of the novel came into play and it's perfect. Cassia Leo manages to write a fairytale romance story that doesn't feel over the top, is cushioned by quite a bit of suspense, and has an incredible message about forgiveness.

"I didn't know how long this thing with Daniel would last. The beautiful things in my life were never permanent."

I think I liked this story so much that I just wanted more. There's some great secondary characters that I wish had more page time, I felt like they brought so much more to who Kristin was and who Daniel was. I also, selfishly, want more after everything plays out. Like always, I wanted more than the epilogue, though it was fantastic too. 

"If Daniel and I were on a collision course, from this moment forward, I was going to close my eyes and remain blissfully ignorant until the moment of impact."

The Heiress is a fantastic new release from Cassia Leo and a much needed fresh story in the romance genre. It's a unique, fun story that was fun to read and absolutely the HEA romance story I dreamed of. Romance readers are going to love Kristin and Daniel's chemistry.
He kept his hand on my back, gently leading me through the dimly lit parking garage. I glanced up at him a few times, hoping to meet his gaze for some indication as to what he was thinking, but his eyes were focused everywhere but me. He seemed to be scanning our surroundings, almost as if he were assessing the building for possible threats. Finally, when we were just a few cars away from Daniel’s Range Rover, he looked down at me with a look I could only describe as pure conflict. I didn’t know him well, but I considered myself a bit of an expert in human emotion. In my attempt to become a better artist, I’d read at least a dozen books and completed at least a thousand art studies solely on the subject of facial expressions and body language. If I had to sculpt Daniel’s face in this moment, then explain to someone what he was thinking, I would say he was trying to decide between two courses of action: Should he 1) take me home and leave me at my door with a stiff peck on the cheek, or 2) push me up against one of these cars and fuck me right here? A difficult decision, no doubt. My mind worried I wasn’t being cautious enough with Daniel. My mind voted for option number one. The pulsing ache between my legs and my racing heart meant my body was campaigning very hard for option number two. As we arrived at the passenger door of the Range Rover, it seemed Daniel’s body was going to throw in his vote with mine. He was eye-fucking the shit out of me. He sidled up to the door, effectively blocking me from reaching for the handle. I looked up at him, my gaze landing on his full lips, then glancing at his hands, and back to his lips, sending him a less-than-subliminal message to slide those strong hands under my skirt. His eyes were locked on my mouth. As his hand found my waist, I closed my eyes and held my breath in anticipation. A long, torturous moment passed before, just as I had hoped, the weight of his body leaned into mine. With one hand on my waist, he pressed me up against the side of the SUV as his other hand came up to cradle my face. Then, his mouth found mine, delivering a slow, tender kiss. His kiss felt downright pornographic. It was straight-up mouth sex, to the point that I could physically feel him moving in and out of me despite the fact that we were fully clothed.


About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge watching, she’s usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book.


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