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Pre-Order & Review: Stud - Jamie K. Schmidt

by Jamie K. Schmidt
Releasing: July 25, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Large. Hot. With a pump of sexual tension. 
When the barista next door teams up with a slick ad executive in this sweet standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt, they both get a taste of unexpected love. 

Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso . . . which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out. 

After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around.

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3.5 Stars
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Terri's life is different than she expected it to be and nothing highlights that more than the rich jerk who comes in for his froufrou drink every morning. She knows his name is Mick, that her boss would do anything for him, and that he won't utter a single word to her. When a chance encounter and a one-night stand bring them together, neither expect her to be working for him next. With a no-relationship rule between them, Terri makes a name for herself in his marketing firm, finally able to provide more stability for her ill brother. Neither Mick nor Terri could have expected that working together, and a role playing video game, would make their chemistry so hard to ignore.

"'You deserve better,' he called up the stairs to me.
'We all deserve better,' I said, hoping I kept the bitterness out of my voice."

Stud, by Jamie K. Schmidt, surprised me. I was expecting the cliches, the rich man storyline, and sure it has one, but it also features Schmidt's special brand of storytelling. Terri is a snarky female, she makes you laugh and brings out a side of Mick that one would never expect from the suit-wearing, arrogant man. They're the kind of characters readers will actually enjoy reading about, their dialogue is engaging and their chemistry feels natural. I really enjoyed that each character carried on with their separate lives, only combining together when the relationship demanded it. Terri and her brother, though I wish we had more interactions, make for a really interesting sibling storyline. They care for one another, but also have to rely on one another, as they are the only family they have, their bond even stronger due to her brother's illness. Mick's family is a train wreck, on the verge of a very public crash, and it plays out through out the entire novel. Despite the family issues, the work issues, and the video gaming, Mick and Terri find so much more than just a one night stand.

"'I'd say we both got what we wanted. But that's all in the past.'
'It was two weeks ago,' he said, his voice brining with outrage."

Though the book is sexual from the start, I mean come on it all started with a one night stand, the relationship between Mick and Terri was originally more about work and their individual family issues. Additionally, Mick is a mix of both a very-alpha, Dominant man and a kind, thoughtful nice guy. It was sort of confusing. Terri is snarky, holds her own, and a big nerd, and though their connection seemed natural by the end it feels based purely on their sexual relationship. The storyline of Stud is interesting, it boasts all the intrigue and drama that get you attached, but it fizzled out at the end. I felt there were a few questions left unanswered, some string of events unfinished, and the meat of the story felt replaced by the very erotic relationship between Mick and Terri.

"'Just my spare time?' I quipped. He kissed my forehead and I still shivered.
'Don't tempt me.'"

Stud is an entertaining read from new-to-me Jamie K. Schmidt. It stands out among the many cliche rich-man, poor-woman new releases. If you're looking for a read that is all drama and romance, this is for you.

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