Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Hundreds - Pepper Winters

Hundreds (Dollars #3)
by Pepper Winters
Published: May 2, 2017
Genre: Dark, Romance

“I'm done hurting her. She's been hurt enough. It's time I set her free...”

Once upon a time, I wished to go home and forget.
Now, I’m strong and ready to fight.
Seduced and claimed, Elder no longer just demands my voice, he commands me to be a thief like him.
I refuse.
But he offers me things I shouldn’t want, favours I should run from.
In return for his protection, I’m ordered to steal enough pennies and dollars to buy back my freedom.
Only, we both aren’t prepared for how he changes me, evolves me.
And now it’s my turn to learn about him...

Third Book in the USA Today Bestselling Romance, Dollar Series

4.5 Stars
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Pim has survived the worst, she's healed physically, but still mentally scarred. As Elder continues to push her she finds that she isn't the same Pim he rescued. She begins to find her strength again, revealing to Elder that she's so much more than a meek mouse. Her strength is his weakness though and as they challenge one another it isn't a matter of if, but when he will falter. He may be a cruel, hardened criminal, but Pim sees so much more to him. Her knowledge of who he really is makes him pull away and ultimately Pim must make a choice to hold on or let go, no matter the consequences.

If Pepper Winters keeps writing like this I am going to run out of stars to rate with. I didn't think it was possible, but Hundreds was better than Dollars and heaps better than Pennies...and I loved both quite a bit. The writing in Hundreds left me with a very surreal feeling, like I'd just experienced everything alongside Pim, but everything was so horrendous that I was a step removed from it. The dark past of both continue to haunt them, but the time has allowed the true Elder and the girl before Pim to shine through. The complexities of the characters keep you engaged, the horrors shared between them keep you intrigued, and the promise of a future, for both, keep you hopeful.

With an epic cliffhanger and some incredibly hard, dark moments, Hundreds is a read that stays with you and likely falls in the category of a love-it or hate-it book. As part of the series, it is the middle ground of before and after...the after that you'll have to read to know about. As the characters navigate their rocky relationship their forced to evaluate the right from wrong. It's captivating and heartbreaking, Pepper Winters writing showcases the character's self discovery with all the dark and gritty details.

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