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Review: Worthy of the Dissonance - R.C. Martin

Worthy of the Dissonance (Mountains & Men #2)
by R.C. Martin
Published: October 2016
Genre: Contemporary, Adult Romance

He is loyal.
He is steadfast.
He is the home she never knew.

She is broken.
She is afraid.
She is worthy of his fight.

Millicent Valentine is a woman in love—and it scares the shit out of her. Pushing away the keeper of her heart felt like her only option, but it doesn’t take her long to realize she was wrong. She may be frightened to admit it, but to deny how much she needs him is a lie unworthy of the effort.

Sage McCoy is a man on the brink of success—but living the dream isn’t enough anymore. So long as the woman he loves isn’t by his side, he knows he’ll never have it all. He won’t give up on her, but his resilience has only just begun to be tested.

Regret. Forgiveness. Loss. Love. The discordant sounds of reality write their song—but through the dissonance, their love plays on.

4.25 Stars

The discordance that exists between my girl and me is the mountain I face.

Worthy of the Dissonance is the second installment in the Mountains & Men series, it opens up where Worthy of the Harmony left off and brings us immediately back into the story of Millie and Sage, a couple who hasn't figured out how to defy the odds of a long distance romance. Sage is finally achieving his dreams, at twenty-one he's on a massive tour with his band, Mountains & Men, but he's distracted by the girl he left behind, the girl who let go of their relationship with no faith he'd return. Millie is still hurting from her past, confused by the whys and hows of what made her upbringing so different than others. Her faith in love is only due to the connection she has forged with Sage, a connection she severed. When they are finally reunited it isn't as easy anymore, but together they face Millie's past and look towards a future that includes them together even as Sage grows increasingly more famous.

He's here. I'm here. We're far from perfect, but we're nowhere near finished-just as he promised.

Talk about a change of pace, Worthy of the Dissonance brings so much character development to Millie and gives readers a look at who she really is, all while tying the bonds of her relationship with Sage tighter. While readers have known Sage from the start, Millie has been an emotional character with very little backstory. R.C. Martin manages to keep her the same character, while providing more detail to the lack of family life she talks about, explains more of her relationship with her mom, and brings in some unwelcome people from her past. Sage, ever the perfect boyfriend, stays with her through it all and I love him for it. These two are a unique couple, by definition they should not work, but they do and their chemistry and connection outweighs the differences. WotD is built on angst, drama, SMUT, and incredibly heartwarming moments that bring the reader closer not only to Millie and Sage, but the rest of the band and the friends and family that surround them.

Would rather you just hold me
Would rather you just stay here
Would rather, baby, anything but

I really enjoyed this installment of Mountains & Men, especially with the development of Millie's background and the involvement of so many secondary characters. Worthy of the Dissonance definitely surpassed Worthy of the Harmony for me, I felt a connection with Millie and Sage, as well as felt like I had stakes in how their relationship worked out. R.C. Martin not only improved on her characters, but the story line is one that is incredibly interesting and has many facets to keep readers interested. I can't wait for the third and final installment.

Now Available
Mountains & Men #3
Worthy of the Melody
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She is brave. 
She is worthy. 
She is the melody that he sings. 

He is daring. 
He is brilliant. 
He is the man of her wildest dreams. 

Sage McCoy is in the spotlight, and it's his time to shine. With open doors at every turn, Mountains & Men is on the verge of having it all—but life is about to change in ways this rock star never saw coming. 

Millicent Valentine has surrendered her heart completely, but falling in love was only just the beginning. With the awakening of a dream and the promise of things hoped for, she could have it all—but everything worth having comes at a cost. 

The mountain they face is one they must climb together—the hope of forever in reach, so long as neither one of them lets go. 

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