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Review: ROUGH - Scott Hildreth

Rough (Filthy F*ckers MC)

by Scott Hildreth
Published: December 11, 2016
Genre: Romance

In need of relief.

That’s how I felt the day I met Brad Pee-Bee Carson. Stuck in a six-mile-long traffic jam in my junk car, I opened my door to get a little relief from the sweltering southern California heat.

Big fucking mistake.

Before I knew it, Pee-Bee, the biggest Filthy Fucker in So-Cal’s Outlaw Motorcycle Club, was splitting traffic, and headed right at me. With no time for me to react, he slammed into my open car door, ruined his precious motorcycle, and sealed my fate forever.

Desperate to pay him back for the damages, and avoid pissing off the entire Filthy Fuckers MC, I accepted a great paying job.

There was only one problem. And it was a BIG one. I would be caring for the only man Pee-Bee answered to…

His father.

This is our story.


And all the rough and beautiful moments in between.

5 Stars

Pee Bee cares about a few things, his family, his brothers, and his bike. When a nutty girl who doesn't swear causes him to wreck his precious bike he doesn't offer any sympathy, just expects her to pay up and maybe spread her legs too. When the same girl shows up to care for his ailing father he has no faith, but with a quick show of strength Tegan pushes her way into his life.  Pee Bee's father, Brad, brings about a change in Tegan and over time in Pee Bee too. Brad's wisdom and relationship with Tegan causes Pee Bee to open his eyes and his heart to the girl he never expected to like as more than just another notch on his bedpost. 

"I never did one thing with a woman that I was proud of. Now? Now I can’t imagine doing anything to you but treating you with respect.” He shrugged. “Give me a chance?” I stood up. “Let’s give it a try.”

The Filthy F*ckers MC may be well known and have a bit of a reputation, but the men who make up the brotherhood are much more than what first meets the eye. Take Pee Bee for example, he's the biggest guy in the MC and he doesn't take crap from anyone, but he's got a sweet heart, a ton of respect, and a family he loves. He transforms as the story unfolds, becoming a man his father is proud of as he discovers humility and grows to understand true romance and love. Tegan, the girl who kicks off this transformation, is witty, determined, and one of the funniest Hildreth heroines to date. With her beat up car, good looks, giving nature, and unyielding strength she changes the entire way Pee Bee looks at the world. The characters are easy to relate to and I felt like I was experiencing everything alongside them. Pee Bee and Tegan's relationship is anything but cliche, yet it flowed so naturally with their passion. Then there's their friends and family members, who are colorful additions to an already well-crafted relationship. Pee Bee's dad brings wisdom and hilarious dialogue, while Tegan's best friend brings out the real Tegan behind her tough exterior. I loved the brotherhood between the guys in the Filthy F*ckers MC and it was so cool to see them interacting with other MC's. For me, this book focused on relationships and how they make up a person, how each person helps form you into the man or woman that you are. It was very easy to see that this book came from Scott's heart and as a long time fan, I can agree that this is his best book.

“The same wise man once told me, when you know, you just know."

I had high expectations going into ROUGH, I mean really high expectations, and Scott Hildreth delivered above and beyond them. I loved the book from start to finish and I laughed a lot, but I also cried and had so many feelings. ROUGH is the second standalone release from Scott Hildreth's Filthy F*ckers MC series, but I highly suggest reading HARD first. The book is full of witty dialog, comedic moments, realistic life situations, and the kind of romance that makes you have butterflies. It's original, entertaining, and deserving of far more than 5 stars.

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