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Release Blitz & Review: To Catch a Flame - Lily Freeman


To Catch a Flame - Book 3, The Red Series

By Lily Freeman
Release date 1st December 2016
Publisher: Fifth Star North
Genre: Contemporary Erotic, BDSM, Romance

After PJ and Luke’s final volatile encounter, she struggles to cope, but she’s not alone.
Mika and Elliot have moved into her home, her bed—stripping her bare and stealing her heart.
PJ’s no longer terrified of the man who tried to break her, just terrified of falling in love with the two men she knows she can never have.

Or can she?

All it takes is a confession, one little word, and her entire world tilts abruptly. What they’ve hidden from her is the sweetest of betrayals, and PJ’s devastated by it, yet she just can’t fight the pull towards them any longer.

The love they have for her, and each other is intense and all consuming, but something’s not right. It’s subtle at first, a word, a gesture, a pair of handcuffs—an exchange of power. Despite her trepidation, her trust in them allows PJ to explore the things about herself that Luke tried to destroy, and she does until she’s faced with a soul-breaking ultimatum.

Secrets and lies, wants and needs. Once again, PJ finds herself completely bound by someone else's desires, only this time, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This time, she’s forced to face her fears so that she can claim the hearts of the two men who were always meant to be hers.

5 Stars

To Catch a Flame is the long awaited conclusion to PJ's story that started in A Little Band of Red. The trilogy, now expanded to include a forthcoming fourth novel, should be read in order and not as standalones. PJ's life had been torn to pieces at the end of Fire in the Blood, her neighbors and favorite midnight fantasy couple, Mika and Elliot, hold themselves responsible for her healing. PJ is confused, struggling to find her way again and understanding her feelings towards the couple. When they admit to her they share feelings too things seem better, but PJ can tell they are holding something back and that something may just end the relationship the three share before it can even truly begin.

She'd never known anything like it, never imagined it was possible to be so completely taken over by another, by two.

I have loved this series from the very beginning, it has an intoxicating mixture of romance, suspense, and BDSM. To Catch a Flame was my favorite though, I could not put this book down. I went into To Catch a Flame with some expectations, but Lily Freeman gave yet another original plot to complete their story line. In three hours I had cried, I had laughed, I had lusted (because Mika and Elliot are swoon worthy men), and I had fallen in love with the couple that is Elliot, Mika, and PJ.

She was a wildcard in their very stable life, capable of winning the game or losing it all for them.

PJ's character is so much more complex than when first introduced, and along with her life's complications come the secrets that Mika and Elliot bring with them. While overcoming the grief she experienced from the previous novel PJ is upset, broken, but still so strong. What they share is something PJ fears in the aftermath of Luke's betrayal, but it is her strength that allows her to see not all men are the same. However, To Catch a Flame is more Mika and Elliot's story than anything, because their history as a couple and their past as individuals is finally revealed. I always found Elliot as an attractive, brooding character, but getting to know him on a personal level makes the book that much better. Seeing the bond that Mika and Elliot share and the passion they offer to PJ made this novel every bit of the 5 star novel that it is.

He wanted to catch a flame, her flame, and he wanted to watch it burn, knowing it was leaving scares all over him.

One of my biggest complaints with erotic novels is the believability and Lily Freeman does more than make you believe it, she makes the love affairs and the characters so realistic. I could see the entire novel playing out before my eyes, from the BDSM scenes and the arguments to the quiet moments shared between the three. The characters are complex, even Luke has grown to have a soft spot with me. It's a complete story, from the beginning of the series to the end of this novel, that develops over time and not just in romance, but in forcing the characters to face the hard stuff too. If you are a fan of beautiful writing and suspenseful romance with a side of really hot kink, The Red Series is for you. Lily Freeman has set the bar high and I look forward to her next release, Cross My Heart.

About Lily Freeman

When I'm not writing or meticulously plotting my next novel, I am a wife and a mother. I have a healthy appetite for physically challenging sports and I love coffee. If all else fails you'll find me reading a book which was how my journey began and will no doubt be how it will end.

Get started on the series now with A Little Band of Red

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