Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Life As We Know It - J.D. Hollyfield

Life As We Know It (Love Not Included #4)
by J.D. Hollyfield
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Published: November 14, 2016

Life has not been easy for Penelope Summers. Specifically, the last month, when her high-profile boyfriend dumped her, her indecent exposure record surfaced, and her favorite thing in the world, tequila, failed her.

Good thing for Penelope, she has her best friend to pick her up, and take her on the vacation of a lifetime. A seven-day cruise that will change the direction of her downward spiral. But will that spiral shift in the direction Penelope needs? Or will it throw her into a bigger whirlwind of trouble?

With Reckless Abandon as her motto, tequila as her wingman, and a hot one-night stand as her much needed reward, will the tables finally turn for Penelope, or will life as she knows it continue to fail her?

Sometimes you just have to ride the wave of crazy to find out.

4 Stars
With her special brand of quirky comedy, J.D. Hollyfield takes the readers on a sexy, laugh out loud ride in Life As We Know It. Main character, Penny, is your smart, but ditzy friend you love to have around for a laugh. Penny is over the top, the kind of character you can't help but enjoy even though you recognize she's unrealistic. She's crazy, a bit immature, and a whole lot of fun. Along with Penny comes her equally crazy best friend, Patti, a handsome neighbor, and an even hotter one night stand, Sam, that becomes a whole lot more in a very short period of time.

“You see, my sweet Penny” – he begins caressing my cheek with his magic thumb – “you are something I am not sure how to describe. Like a wrecking ball just crashing through every wall, ever boundary of my life.” 

Life As We Know It is written just like the character Penny is, it's rambling at times, hilarious always, and definitely makes you feel like you've consumed just as much tequila as she has at every turn of a page. There's an underlying suspense story line that made this story just that much better for me, because only a quirky girl like Penny could get mixed up with the type of people she does. In the midst of the banter and the seriously sexy moments is a true story and readers will find themselves unable to ignore this book, desperate to see just how Penny can get away from danger and how she and her handsome one night stand, Sam, can have a real shot at something more and learn to openly trust I truly enjoyed this book from start to end, in fact I read it in under 3 hours. If you like your comedy with a side of sweet romance and shadowed with a bit of suspense, this book is for you.

“Holy bonkers. A few things flow out of my brain at the same time. First, apparently, I still might have a job. Second, he forgives me. Third, he kept my shoe.”

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