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Release Blitz & Review: Bang Gang - Jade West


It’s one thing knowing your ex-boyfriend is a bit of a player, but it’s another thing altogether to find out he’s pimping himself out to anyone who’ll pay good money for it.
Not just himself, either. That would be far too regular for Darren Trent.
Darren Trent – my teenage sweetheart and father to my two young girls – is not just whoring himself out. Oh no. Darren Trent pimps himself out alongside four of his mechanic friends – all of them at the same time.
Five hot, sweaty mechanics at your service.
They call themselves the Bang Gang… 
you can imagine.In a village our size I should keep my head down and hope the scandal blows over before the girls or my poor old Nanna catch wind of it.
Only it’s not blowing over. Far from it. It seems every woman in the village wants themselves a five-mechanic sandwich.They make no qualms about it, either. Just rock on up to my café counter and ask how they can book themselves in for a Bang Gang special. Like I would know.
I definitely wouldn’t know. I hardly even know Darren Trent anymore. We split up a lifetime ago.
I definitely don’t think about him late at night. Don’t think about five mechanics and me as much as every other woman in this village.
And even if I did, I wouldn’t act on it. I wouldn’t draw the money from my savings account and have a go for myself.
And even if I did that. I definitely, definitely wouldn’t fall for him. Not again. Not after everything we went through. Not after splitting up the first time nearly brought me to my knees.
Not after settling into a decent routine, the girls and me, with no drama, no heartbreak, no crazy passions to rock the calm little boat we’re sailing on.
I mean, who would be stupid enough to risk all that over a hot, sweaty, oily bit of rough like Darren Trent?

4 Stars

Jodie Symmonds is mom before anything else, wrangling her two daughters, dealing with her ex, and only taking a bit of time to herself on Mondays. She's done fine ignoring all the gossip, but when Darren Trent is mentioned, and as more than just her baby daddy, she pays attention. She can ignore his bad habits, his drinking and fighting, but hearing about his set of friends offering gang bangs at a cost, she can't ignore it. Of course, she's not thinking about them doing it to her, not at all, she's thinking off her children and the gossip that it could come from. Given the opportunity to give it a try, Jodie takes it, it's an opportunity to be her old wild self again, but she couldn't have predicted the feelings it would unearth.
Darren Trent takes their money and everything they offer, he's got a good reason for doing it, but he wasn't counting on his ex-girl to want a go too. He gives her what she wants, but not without feeling a sense of possessiveness over the woman who hadn't been his "missus" in years. As their lives start to mix together again, neither can ignore the fact that they were never really over. Gigolo services aren't relationship friendly though and not all of their friends have their happiness in mind. 

It was such a beautiful fuck. Deep and angry and full of sorrow.

I admit, I judged this book on the cover, but I liked the synopsis too much to not give it a chance. Turns out, it's a whole lot of book, definitely lots of steamy hot smut, but also filled with a story you won't be able to put down. My trepidation to open it up quickly turned into me ignoring absolutely everything around me, because I had to know what happened next. Jade West, always a master of character writing, brings us two individuals who aren't really living for themselves, both hiding away from their true feelings. I adored Jodie and how willing she was to give anything a chance, just to find herself again. Reading from her POV was like listening to any of your girlfriends who are tired of being just mom, who felt like they put themselves on the back burner. Darren, on the other hand, is a riot. I wasn't sure I was going to like him, especially not 30% into the book, but he grew on me and I ended up rooting for him. The kids, oh man, the girls are such unique secondary characters and they bring the family aspect of the story together. I really liked Ruby, she's a riot, but Mia's involvement as the oldest child allows the reader to understand how the relationship was previously and how it works out with Darren and Jodie separated. Like all Jade West novels, every character, every moment, played an important role in how the story tied together. It's hard to imagine a book with gang bangs and family values, but it works due to the amount of background story and character involvement. 

I’d always been with her, even when she couldn’t see it. Even when she didn’t believe it.

I love a good dirty book, absolutely, but it was hard to come to terms with the small town vibe with the kind of hooking up occurring. I had to remove myself from seeing it as a regular onlooker and just take it at a fantasy level. The smut scenes were all sorts of hot, but it even made me feel wary, like Jodie did, when their relationship started to progress. In the end, the story outweighed the bad for me and I am so glad I kept reading.

I felt like a slut, a filthy slut, but it felt so good I couldn't fucking stop.
Bang Gang is another release from Jade West with her special brand of erotic romance. The story is funny, happy, sad, and over the top at times, but a very enjoyable read all the same. If you love a strong female character, an alpha male willing to admit his faults, and a fresh romance, this is the book to read. 

Jade has increasingly less to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s happy with this fact. 
Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted. 
Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile. 
She lives in the Herefordshire countryside with a couple of hounds and a guy who’s able to cope with her inherent weirdness. 

She has a red living room, decorated with far more zebra print than most people could bear and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca-Cola.

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