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Review: Hard - Scott Hildreth (Filthy F*ckers MC #1)

by Scott Hildreth
Published: July 8, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Club

Peyton Price 
Given an assignment to write an article on an outlaw motorcycle club, what award-winning journalist would say no? Not me. I had a weakness for bad-boys, tattoos, and men on motorcycles.

But Nick Navarro wasn't a typical biker. He wasn't even a typical outlaw.

Nick Navarro 
As president of the Filthy F*ckers MC, when I was offered an opportunity to be interviewed by a local journalist, I didn't accept for the notoriety or the publicity. I agreed to get a shot at the 27 year-old p*ssy between the journalist's legs.

She had plans to get in and get out, and do so quick.

But once I lay claim to something, it's mine.

Until I decide otherwise.

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5 Stars

It took me 3 weeks to finally get around to writing a proper review for Hard, we'll get to the why's a little later, but for now I want to advise readers that the warning is there for a reason. The topic covered in this novel is a heavy one, but Scott Hildreth writes it perfectly and gives us characters we can both relate to and lean on during the hard parts. Hard is not your typical MC Romance, but it is better for that reason. Plus, I highly suggest you picture Michael (The book's cover model) as your Nick, because he fits the role to a T, trust me I know, I got to meet him! 

Peyton Price is a risk-taking journalist and she certainly won't say no to the opportunity to pen a piece about the outlaw motorcycle club, Filthy F*ckers MC. At 27, she's pretty and adventurous, the perfect employee at San Diego's largest newspaper, The Union-Tribune, to take on the cocky, tattooed men. She'll do whatever it takes to get the story. Nick Navarro, President of the Filthy F*ckers, is a former Navy Seal with a hot body and no filter. Not one for relationships, he spends his time with his brothers, on his bike, and between the legs of hot girls. His first meeting with Peyton is anything but boring and as she starts to hang around to get her story he finds he doesn't mind the bold, sassy girl who's willing to do just about anything. When Peyton gets targeted by a rival MC she finds that brotherhood runs deep and that there's so much more to Nick and the Filthy F*ckers.

"We might not follow society's rules, and we sure as fuck don't abide by society's laws. But, we've got a strict morale code that we live by. Our own set of rules. Each and every rule we follow gets back to the same thing, respect."

Told from the dual POV's of Peyton and Nick, Hard is a fast-paced novel with action, romance, a slew of excellent characters, and an overarching plotline that makes it so much more than just an MC novel. From the moment we are introduced to the two main characters it is a case of like 'em or leave 'em, because there is no beating around the bush with these two. The connection is immediate and the smut is outrageous, trust me, you've never met characters like Peyton and Nick before. I loved how head-strong, fearless, and outgoing Peyton was just as much as I liked the dominating Nick with his dirty mouth and smart mind. The dialogue between these two is laugh-out-loud funny, blush-worthy, and at times very sweet. I could read an entire book with Peyton conducting interviews, she knows how to dig. Then you mix in the secondary characters like Pee Bee, the hilarious Sergeant at Arms for the MC, and Elizabeth, Nick's mom, and you get a complete, well-rounded story. Hard brings a secondary level to the MC romance story line, showing life outside of the walls of the MC and giving a very realistic take on what the members can be like. It shows the tough side and the caring side equally. The multi-faceted story is really what kept me turning the pages, I wanted to know what was happening next. Plus, Pee Bee is hilarious and, like several others, I have a bit of a crush on him.

"This won’t come to an end without spillin’ some blood. Not now. The Savages have gone too far this time..."

This is the first Scott Hildreth book that has ever made me cry. I almost wish that's all I had to say to explain why Hard gets 5 stars. Hard deals with a topic that I personally wish I didn't understand and relate to, that a lot of people wish they didn't understand, but Scott Hildreth serves justice quickly and takes a horrifyingly real event and gives us the outcome we all wish for. It isn't graphic, it isn't gruesome, but it is emotional and very easy to place yourself in the character's positions. Yes, that's right, I took the warning, put it in the trash can, and chose to read a book I knew would bother me. Scott Hildreth handles the topic with sensitivity and allows readers such as myself, who relate to it personally, to continue reading and enjoying a book that deserves every bit of the attention it is receiving. In this case, this aspect of the story only made me love the characters and their nontraditional romance even more, it made Scott's always present lesson even stronger, and gave me a new favorite book that I will happily suggest to friends.

"It was painfully obvious she meant more to me than some girl who was simply interviewing me. I liked the thought of it. But I wasn’t sure if I could allow it."

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