Thursday, July 7, 2016

⚾Review: Moonshot - Alessandra Torre⚾

I had a blast doing an (F)Buddy Read of Moonshot with The Shhluts! You can find us discussing books, characters, and all things Alessandra Torre every week here.
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
Moonshot by Alessandra Torre
Published: July 4, 2016
Genre: New Adult, Sports, Romance, Suspense

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5 Star Review
Baseball shouldn't be life or death. Baseball shouldn't determine fates.

Ty Rollins was born into baseball; she lived, breathed, slept baseball. As ballgirl for the Yankees and daughter of the infamous closer, her life revolved around the love of the game. When Chase Stern stepped up to the plate that love changed, changed its orbit to include him. She was young, he was fresh from public past, together they were so much more. Until they weren't. When girls started dying Ty's focus changed, there was more to the game now, more than a fleeting, forbidden romance could be worth.

Officially together. Officially committed. Officially screwed.

I am a baseball loving girl; I wear my team's colors often, I watch almost every game, and follow their stats more frequently than I read my own text messages. I am talking every social media platform available to subscribe to I do. Moonshot is the perfect book for a girl like me, it has all the things I like about a sports romance and then some. Told from the dual POV's of Ty Rollins and Chase Stern, the reader gets an inside look at the world of baseball, the secret romances and flings, and the insidious nature of living in the public eye at all times. Ty is an awesome character in my opinion, she's at times a total tomboy and at the next moment ultra-feminine. Her character development and growth over the course of the book was incredibly well written. Chase Stern, in my mind, is a hot combination of all my favorite ball players. In the book, he's a well-spoken, past-driven, changed-by-love man. He's the best of the best, but that's not why I liked him. He's the kind of character you can't deny, he owns his problems, he strives for better, and he goes after his heart's desires. I really enjoyed both characters, through out the entire novel, because of their dialogue, their thought processes, and how the interacted with one another. Thought other characters are all minor, Alessandra successfully focuses Moonshot around each main character individually before bringing them together, it makes the world they live in seem much larger. I didn't feel like I read two characters moments together, but rather watched their lives play out in crisp detail, from the scent of the dirt at the stadium to the hushed whispers of private meetings.

This close he could see her eyes. This close, he could almost smell her. This close, if she wanted to, she could crush him.

While focused on Ty and Chase, Alessandra Torre tells a story mixed with sports, suspense, and romance. Told over a lengthy period of time, we meet the characters during major turning points in their lives. We feel the emotions both have for the game and Alessandra wrote so well that any reader, sports fan or not, can picture the stadium, the sounds, the feelings surrounding the game. The suspense plot, told to the reader in very short spurts, changes the book, but in a way that doesn't overwhelm. Moonshot read like a traditional sports romance, but the twists snuck up on you, and like other Alessandra novels, I never could have predicted the outcome of those snippets. There's hopes and dreams, fears and turmoil, and forbidden romance and undeniable chemistry, all combined together, making this sports romance stand out in a crowd.

The truth that I'd run from every day of my new life smashed into me like a fastball into a mitt, stinging in its impact, radiating through my bones.


Moonshot is a story of two baseball diehards finding their way to one another time and again, even in the midst of adversity. I absolutely recommend this new release from Alessandra Torre and will be counting it as one of my books I like to re-read time and time again.

I have to touch you, baby. I have to fucking drinking you in. And there isn't a thing that you can say to change that fact.

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