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Review: The Heart's Shrapnel - S.J. Lynn

The Heart's Shrapnel
by S.J. Lynn
May 31, 2016
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Military
Phillip McClintock is serving as a sergeant in the U. S. Army. But he’s hiding a secret that no one other than his closest friends can know. And this secret . . . it’s personal. His job is dangerous, and he has the scars to prove it. But, when the problems start to multiply, they threaten those he cares about, which is exactly why he doesn’t want the new beautiful surgeon to get too close. There’s just one catch. He can’t seem to stay away from her.
Jane Summers is excited about the extra hands-on training she’ll receive when she volunteers for an army hospital in Germany. But, trouble arises when she falls for, Phillip, the sexy soldier that spells danger. After she had left her ex-boyfriend, Kevin, she swore never to get involved with another soldier again. But, there’s something about Phillip that draws her to him.Will she give in to what her heart wants, or will she let the past rule her future?As these two start to grapple with their feeling for each other, the world around them begins to unravel. Can they set aside their past heartaches to have a future together?

4 Stars

Jane is willing to do anything to get away from her ex, even accepting a job as a Military volunteer. She knows she can help there and she knows she won't find attraction there. That is, until a handsome man with a nearly fatal wound finds himself in her care.
Phillip has a dangerous job and is on a serious mission, he's keeping more secrets than anyone realize's, but the angel he remembers from the hospital is one he cannot forget. He doesn't allow anyone to get too close, protecting them from the dangers he knows exist, but he can't stay away from Jane. 
As tensions rise and fear seeps into their lives Jane and Phillip find themselves gravitating towards one another. Their lives may take other paths though, paths that would keep them apart forever.

That face. He's even more handsome than I remembered. Really handsome-the kind you stay away from.

S.J. Lynn totally took me by surprise with The Heart's Shrapnel, it's so much more than just a military romance. Told in dual POV, Jane and Philip are sort of the least likely to work out couple, they butt heads, but only due to their intense attraction to one another. They're both enigmatic characters, with intense pasts that have shaped them into different people than they probably ever wanted to be. Yet, they both push on, striving to make things right in their own lives. I really loved that about both of them, how similar, and also different, they were. Their romance is not one of ease, filled with flowers and flourished words, but rather an intense pull that neither can ignore during a time of heightened fear. The war is not the place to find love, especially when one of them has a secret, but these two find it anyway. Mixing in the military world and the heightened suspense of Philip's job, as well as Jane's ex, was totally perfect for me, I loved not knowing what might happen next. I never once felt like I was guessing what was coming, except for their chemistry of course.

The way her skin felt, pressed firmly against mine, was like a drug, and gave me the only peace I've felt in a long while. It reminded me what I'm missing. But, I just couldn't do it.

I really fell in love with Phillip and Jane as a couple, I could read more books about them any time! Unfortunately, The Heart's Shrapnel wraps up fairly quickly at the end and lacks what I think could have been an excellent epilogue. I feel like I am missing closure on these two and their happily ever after, even though we get a glimpse of their future plans. They're just very dynamic and their relationship evolved during high-stress, high suspense times, we never get to see them during downtime being a couple. So, all I can say is, S.J. Lynn, give me more!

He towers above me. A powerhouse. A shelter.

The Heart's Shrapnel is definitely a hit and I am looking forward to reading more from S.J. Lynn. The writing is fantastic, I could easily picture every scene and experience every emotion alongside the characters. If you love military and suspense, as well as a whole lot of hot romance, this book is for you.

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