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Unveiling the Sky - Jeannine Allison (Unveiling #1)

Unveiling the Sky (Unveiling #1)
Author: Jeannine Allison
Published: May 24, 2016
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary

Sometimes there’s no tragic event.
Sometimes there’s just sadness. Just numbness.
Sometimes it’s just a depression you can’t understand.

When Alara’s depression reaches its pinnacle she’s left feeling broken, vulnerable, and more than a little uneasy about moving forward. And although she’s made it to the other side she discovers that the hardest battle may simply be moving on and accepting the hardship she’s been given. Because by all accounts she should be happy, but she isn’t and she still can’t understand why. So she’s moving forward, but with the weight of her guilt and the constant fear of another episode, is she really living? Or has the fear of another episode become just as crippling as the episode itself?

Then she meets Gabriel, a grieving soul struggling to get past his mother’s death and figure out his future. As he reconciles his past and begins planning his future, it becomes clear that he wants Alara in it. He wants the sarcastic, fearful girl that always seems just a little bit out of reach. But will the girl who’s never been able to see a future give him a chance? And when he discovers her darkness, will he still love her through it?

Will she let him?

5 Stars

Sometimes there are books that connect with you in every single way and Unveiling The Sky was that book for me. I smiled with the characters, cried with the characters, and even got a little angry right alongside the characters. A lot of times I use the word to describe broken to describe a character, but that word just doesn't seem right anymore. Alara and Gabe believe themselves to be broken, but they weren't at all. They were a little lost, wandering through life, but definitely not broken. Jeannine Allison created two protagonists that were the most realistic characters I have ever read. With dual POV's the reader gets to know the charming Alara and the stubborn Gabe as they both deal with major life events that change the shapes of their lives forever. I adored both of them, I felt like I knew both of them, and I was so emotional this entire story as I felt every little thing they went through. I love that they found each other at what they believed to be the most unlikely time, but really they helped each other find out who they really could be.

"Sometims I feel fragmented, like all I have are a bunch of random pieces that don't fit together anymore. I want to give you all of me. But will you want all of me when you realize I'm in pieces?"

Unveiling The Sky could easily be described as a heavy book, possibly an ugly cry novel, or maybe even over the top if you're the kind of person that likes happiness, but what it really was for me was incredibly realistic. The book touches on everything from life, death, friendship, family, cancer, depression, acceptance, forgiveness, and more. Jeannine Allison did an incredible job of tackling the subject of depression, bringing it to life, describing it, but also showing so much hope. I didn't expect to relate to it so much, but from page one I understood both Gabe and Alara, their story had parts of my own story. I think every reader will find something in this book that touches them, that connects and resonates. There is a ton of dialogue in this book, but I think the dialogue is what progresses the story, shows the development, and really explains how complex each character is. On top of dealing with a lot of emotionally heavy subjects, we meet 5 friends and get to know them in different ways as well, we see everything from their eyes, and I can definitely say I am glad this is a series, because I want to get to know all of them.

"...We all need certain people in our life. Some make sense, some don't, and I don't know where she falls, but I can tell you need her." She stopped suddenly like something just occurred to her. "So maybe you don't need to understand her; maybe you just need to want to."

I highly suggest Unveiling The Sky for all readers, fan of any genre type. While it falls in the New Adult category, I think Jeannine Allison successfully wrote a novel that people will find understanding and compassion in, as well as understanding. I might have cried my way through this book (starting at 23%), but I also highlighted countless passages and when I got done I was smiling. This beautiful (not just the cover) novel is absolutely a new favorite and I cannot wait for book two, Naomi's story.

I could still believe that happy days were in my future; they were just waiting for me to find them.

*Definitely check out the playlist for this book*

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