Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Release Day Review: Passion in Portland Anthology

Twenty amazing authors. Twenty NEW stories. One fabulous anthology. Passion and romance in Portland, OR, tie these twenty novellas together. You will love every one, each unique but connected by their location, the beautiful Rose City.

The Passion in Portland 2016 Anthology is a project of hope. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Bradley Angle, a non-profit organization that helps survivors of domestic violence. Thank you for your support.

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Tied together by their shared locale, Passion in Portland is 20 unique shorts written by 20 authors. Some standalone, while others tie in with the authors' previous work.

Overall rating: 4 Stars
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
Individual Ratings and Reviews:

Stay With Me – A.J. Downey - 5 Stars
Stay With Me by A.J. Downey is a complete short, a prequel story for A.J. Downey's Virtues' Trilogy. Corrine and Dominic meet in unlikely circumstances, her past pulling her away from him, but he never leaves her mind. When she finds out he hadn't forgotten her they embark on a romantic journey together.
This one was cute, I love that it was complete, introducing both characters and giving readers a glimpse of Downey's writing style if they are to continue on with her series. The story was believable, heartbreaking, and definitely romantic.

Falling Backwards – A.K. Layton - 4 Stars
Friends to lovers romance for the win! This one was definitely a fun read and though the heroine Allyea is a bit all over the place it is truly an impressive short. I could easily read an extended novel of this one.

Mr. Wright Write Right – AJ Harmon - 3.5 Stars
Chaser – Alex Rosa - 3 Stars

Kiss Cam – Anie Michaels - 4.5 Stars
The premise behind this one is too good, definitely something you'd see being shared all over Facebook if it really happened. I really enjoyed Anie Michael's writing style and the differences between the two characters as they found one another. Give me Camden!

Honest Liar – Anna Brooks -3.5 Stars

To Portland, With Love – Cassia Leo - 5 Stars
I was so happy to revisit Rory and Houston and see where they are at in life now. Cassia Leo did a great job of bringing the story of these two back to life, providing new readers enough information to get them up to speed on the couple and allowing old fans a chance to remember (they're unforgettable, really). There's mild drama, steamy chemistry, and a dream come true for Rory. Navigating the waters of marriage isn't easy, especially if one of you owns a business and the other is a full time author, and I think Cassia did an incredible job on this short of showing all the things that go into making a relationship work. It made me want to read The Story of Us series again!

Kind of Crazy – Eliza Boyd - 4 Stars
Poker in Portland – Gretchen S.B. - 3.5 Stars
Stronger – Heather Carver - 3 Stars

More ratings to come on Goodreads!
Love at First Crepe – Heidi Mason
When in Portland – Jaycee Ford
The Soviet and the Scientist – Kimberly Kennedy
Port in the Storm – Mary Crawford
Shy – Morgan & Jennifer Locklear
Forever Yours – Nicole Richard
Chasing Leigh – R.J. Van Cleave
The Ephemeral – Sarah M. Cradit
We Have Portland – Sidonia Rose
Love in Government Camp – Stace Lee

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