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Moth to a Flame - K. Webster

I am keeping true to my word and working my way through my TBR pile! You might be surprised to find out that some of my favorite authors, those that I one-click buy everything, even have books on this pile.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: September 2014
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Suspense 
eBook provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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Lia was popular, a well-liked Sorority girl with a great life...until one night a terrifying incident changes the course of her life. Her life may seem boring to outsiders, but it's consistent and safe. She spends her time on her work and friendships, leaving no room for relationships with men. She'll never throw caution to the wind least she didn't plan to until Cale arrived.
Cale has grown used to being left behind, everyone he has ever loved has left him and those that are in his life are users. His life is a lonely one, made better only by the success of his career. Meeting Lia wakes him up, he sees the war she's fighting; the fear in her eyes clouded only by her determination. He wants her to win that war, he wants to know her, but their dark pasts may be too interlinked.

"We played our parts well. Mine, the damsel in distress, and his, my knight in shining armor." 

Talk about books that suck you in! Moth to a Flame is an early release of K. Webster's that is filled with the phenomenal characters, witty dialogue, and intense suspense she has become known for. I was hooked on Lia and her fear from the very start, I just knew it had to come back into her life and that made this book so hard to put down. Not only was Lia engaging, but her ability to leave her life behind brought a really interesting psychological aspect into the story. Then there's Cale, the hero with a past, the hero that makes you both excited and very wary as a reader. Their chemistry and secret pasts make you start second guessing this book so quickly and made for some serious twists. I found myself seeking out the answers for both of them and becoming more shocked as each guess I made about the ending turned up wrong. This is the kind of book where you are sucked into each character's life, you begin to think like them, and then everything flips around and you are sucker punched. While the twists totally messed with my head, I still felt the relationship blossoming between the two main characters and I loved the message they shared about second chances and overcoming your past.

"I feel like you’re the only one who sees me. To everyone else, I feel like I am just this ugly moth, just a fragment of who I used to be. But with you, I feel like you see me for more than that.”

The only complaint I have about this entire book is Lia's shoe obsession, for a girl interested in complete privacy and leaving her life behind, she sure owns a lot of shoes. Plus...hiding your identity is hard when you have an online shopping addiction! I can easily see readers being distracted by this one-track mind type of focus on shoes, but I promise it's worth pushing through.

If you're a fan of K. Webster or new to her books, Moth to a Flame is a shining example of her amazing and gripping style of writing. Like her previous novels I have read, this one has a plot that just gets thicker and thicker, before finally unwinding like a top, revealing everything you wanted to know. Both the main characters and the secondary characters have incredible depth and you will find yourself relating to them, despite the craziness of the overall story. I really suggest this one to all suspense novel fans, it's a quicker read, but worth it all the same.

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