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Blog Tour & Review: Sovereign - Celia Aaron

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The Acquisition has ruled my life, ruled my every waking moment since Sinclair Vinemont first showed up at my house offering an infernal bargain to save my father’s life. Now I know the stakes. The charade is at an end, and Sinclair has far more to lose than I ever did. But this knowledge hasn’t strengthened me. Instead, each revelation breaks me down until nothing is left but my fight and my rage. As I struggle to survive, only one question remains. How far will I go to save those I love and burn the Acquisition to the ground?
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When I relaxed back onto the bed, he crawled on top of me and ran his fingers around my lips. I sucked them, licking myself off him before he kissed me and shared the taste. He rested his weight on his elbows, careful not to crush me. I didn’t want careful or tentative. I wanted Sin.
“Fuck me.” I yanked on his hair for good measure as he kissed to my neck.
“Stella, I’m warning you.”
I pulled harder until he met my eyes. “Don’t warn me. Fuck me.”
He tangled a hand in my hair and pulled until I had to arch my back. “Is this what you want?”
He ran his lips down my throat and bit. “This?”
He thrust his hips against me. “This?”
“Yes, please.”
He stood and removed his belt, tossing it on the bed next to me. Then he freed his cock and crawled back on top of me. When his tip hit my clit, I moaned and tried to kiss him. He pulled away and grabbed his belt.
“Hands together, over your head.”
I arched an eyebrow. “No.”
“Stella.” His voice was gravel as he rested his weight on me and wrenched my hands above my head. He looped the belt around my wrist and pulled tight, then kept the slack in his hand. He kissed me hard, the way I remembered—the way I wanted.
I spread my legs as wide as possible, and he slid his tip down to my entrance.
He blinked and hesitated. “Am I hurting you?”
“Not enough,” I breathed.
“Fuck, you were made for me.”    
5 Stars
Stella has made it through two trials, but is she strong enough to make it through the final two? They've ruled Stella's life, every waking and sleeping moment has been about the trials; her thoughts are either filled with the horrors of memories or with lust for the man who put her in this position. She knows what is at stake now, how much Sin has to lose, and she's determined to win so she can do everything she can to dismantle the Acquisition and the people who make it thrive.
This book is EVERYTHING. I thought I liked Counsellor and I knew I loved Magnate, but I don't know what word to describe the feelings I have for Sovereign. I am not a series girl, I tend to wander off and get lost in another book, forgetting the characters from the series along the way, but this is one series I just want to throw at everyone. I'll be the first to admit that Counsellor wasn't high on my list of TBRs, but when everyone is screaming such good things about a book, I can't deny the pull. Then I met the characters...and I wrapped myself up in the plot like a blanket, I got lost in these books so strongly that nothing has really compared. Sovereign was not only everything good about the previous two novels, but even more. Every loose end was tied up, the drama was at an all time high, the characters developed beyond my wildest dreams, and the chemistry was on fire (per usual). Seriously, this book and series will set a precedence that I do not think can be matched by any other series for me. It was just perfect.
Not only have I been trapped under the spell of the Vinemonts, but I am completely enamored with Stella and her strength and pure determination. The characters in this book are unlike any others I have met in a book, not often do you meet a character more evil than the devil himself and still find yourself saying, I love what they were to this book. From Cal to the acquisitions, every character played such a vital role in how Sovereign played out and I am so impressed with Celia Aaron's incredible use of every single one. The character development in Soveriegn was stellar, I loved watching each character come into their own, whether it was finding the good in themselves or opening their arms to the evil. Then there's the uber dark story line that either scared you off in book one or pulled you into its dark clutches. Sovereign was so dark and the depravity in this book really weighed on me as I read, but I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. I loved how the trials played out and the future that was built in Sovereign. I know, that's not really giving you enough, but you have to read the conclusion for yourself. The twists and turns leave you guessing and I definitely didn't see what was coming, so high five Celia Aaron, you surprised me! 
The Acquisition series, particularly Sovereign, were unlike anything I've read before. This dark, sociological romance is so unique and I truly think every reader of the Acquisition series will be happy with this conclusion. Like the rest of the series, this book was fast paced, full of angst, and so darn sexy. 

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Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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