Monday, April 18, 2016

The Masterpiecers - Olivia Wildenstein (Masterful #1)

From the moment I heard of The Masterpiecers I knew I had to read it. I am not only a huge fan of competition reality shows, but the unique idea of it being an art competition was too good. Add in the fact that it is about twin sisters who are leading entirely different lives and I was more than desperate to read it. over the course of two days I lived to read this book only. It is a lengthy novel with a very heavy subject matter, but I couldn't put it down. I could vividly see every scene taking place and now, three days later, I am still just as shaken by this incredible novel. If you are looking a psychological and diabolical suspense novel, this is it for you.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: April 15, 2016
Genre: Young Adult*, Suspense, Mystery, Contemporary
ARC provided via Netgalley.

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Ivy Redd is Lucky Number Eight. She's won a coveted spot on a reality TV competition, The Masterpiecers, that takes place at New York's Metropolitan Museum. Competing against 7 others for the grand prize of $100,000 dollars and a spot at The Masterpiecers private art school, Ivy has far more on her mind than just the competition.
Ivy's twin, Aster, is watching on from a women's prison, the place she sits as she awaits trial for murder. The prize money will bail her out, will help her be free, or that is her hope until she finds out what Ivy really thinks of her.

The Masterpiecers is a psychological story of family, deceit, glamour, and suspense that will suck you in and not let you go. Twins, Ivy and Aster, are some of the most intriguing characters I have read this year, with similar looks, but piles of lies and secrets between them. Told from dual POV's, I found myself wrapped up in the relationship between the sisters and unable to pick a side. The girls are beautiful, smart, and as different as night and day. At times, both girls had me questioning their every move and jumping to support them by the next page. From papparazzi and gossip mags to buyouts and fights, the switching POV allows the readers to get to know each twin on a very personal level and slowly unwind why they seem to both love and hate one another so very much. Their unique experiences as children, their distrust, and how they view the world shaped each girl differently and I love that Wildenstein spent so much time on those characterizations.

Although I don't want to talk about it again, I know she won't let it go, so I tell her what I told everyone else. I don't tell her the real story.

The setting of the book was perfect and so believable. I loved the distinction between Astrid's closely watched time behind bars and Ivy's very public time competing in the art world. The art reality show was so unique and I had an amazing time imagining the other competitors, the artwork, and each competition Ivy took part in. The prison scenes felt so accurate, from the fighting to the friendship. While the two girls were living life from incredibly different locations, the general atmosphere of the book carried over to both girls. It's a heavy novel, with very dark undertones, and as the twists kept coming I found myself just as immersed in the mystery and distrust as the girls were. I was most impressed with how easy it was to both experience each setting as if I was one twin and watch from the outside in as the other twin. With such massive differences, it easily could have gotten away from Wildenstein, yet somehow she made the two worlds work together.

I'm the source of enough gossip already.
No need to add fuel to the fire my sister has kindled.

With beautiful prose, Olivia Wildenstein makes the characters, the prison cell, and the television show come to life right before your eyes. This lengthy and engaging novel will absolutely knock you off your feet and you'll join those of us who are impatiently waiting for the next.

*This book reads much more like a New Adult than Young Adult, with several scenes I would deem inappropriate for the YA age range.

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