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Reckless Surrender - R.C. Martin (Made for Love #2)

Hopefully my readers aren't tired of my reviews of R.C. Martin books, because I plan to read all of them! I had the lucky chance of reading So Much More (Made for Love #3) in January and I haven't been able to stop reading her books since. The books are filled with the kind of drama drama you experience in real life and the characters struggle through them just as anyone would, but how they come out on top, their personal growth, is my favorite part of every book. Reckless Surrender met every expectation I had and then some. I am reading this series in reverse and they are standalone novels, but you're going to want to get up close and personal with every character from Made for Love, so do yourself a favor and pick them all up.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: December 2015
ARC provided by R.C. Martin and New Adult Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

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[Reckless Surrender is book two in the Made for Love series but can be read as a STAND ALONE novel. Written for audiences 18+ years of age.]
Three and a half years ago, Daphne walked into my shop, kicked open the door to my soul, invited herself inside, and got comfortable. By the time I realized she’d made herself at home, it was too late to kick her out. Now, I’m in love with her. But I’m not her boyfriend. She’s not my lover. We’re just friends…

Trevor’s it for me. I love him so much it drives me crazy. But we’re broken—two battered people whose souls have been ravaged by the world. We decided a long time ago that we wanted to love each other but not attempt to fix one another. Instead, we give each other as much as we can. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s ever going to be enough…

Daphne is my best friend, our bond forged by a shared mistake that left us both brokenhearted. Her happiness is wrapped in the tattooed package of a man named Trevor, and I want her to have him. I'm bold enough to do anything to push those two together, even if that means consorting with the enemy—her brother, Roman. All I have to do is convince his stubborn ass that my plan will work...

Told from the alternating POVs of four friends, Reckless Surrender explores the thin line between friendship and more. What do you do when the friend you've sworn to never fall for is the person you know you love? What do you do when a bet turns into real feelings? And how do you overcome the past that has kept you from ever saying yes to a relationship before?

I found myself falling in love with every single character in Reckless Surrender, but the two main males had to be my favorite. Roman and Trevor are definitely more than what first meets the eye and far more than their reputations lead them to be. Their POV's were entertaining, enlightening, and brought the most bang to the story for me. I genuinely enjoying watching both men come to their senses and grow out of their pasts. The two girls, Daphne and Logan, are the least likely friends ever. They bond over a situation most girls hate each other for and provide each other the support they both are lacking. All four characters have heavy pasts, pasts that R.C. Martin took great care into explaining and detailing so the reader can understand the characters as they are now. However, R.C. Martin doesn't let the characters dwell in their pasts or let them be damaged, each character was pushing for the best version of themselves, whether it was in their careers, their relationship with God, or their general relationships. Each character was distinct, with a unique dialogue and perspective, and I loved that about Reckless Surrender.

I was incredibly impressed that R.C. Martin gave such heavy pasts to the characters, but she did an amazing job of showing that people are not their previous circumstances and they can grow to be different and better. Though the themes are heavy, ranging from religious beliefs to children and loving oneself, the book is a lighthearted read that made me smile through the entirety. The drama that unfolds in this book is so realistic and I loved watching the characters go through it together. Reckless Surrender is very lengthy, but it is so worth sticking it out to see the complications of each relationship be worked through and love to prevail. I highly recommend R.C. Martin to anyone looking for a new author to read and Made for Love is an incredible series to spend your time with.

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