Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wanting More - Jessica Ruddick (Love on Campus #2)

I am a huge fan of college-aged books, probably because I would still like to be in college. Plus, I still connect with characters in that age range, figuring out their future, relationships, first jobs, and right from wrong. I can also never say no to a good book about Greek life, because I will always be a Gamma Phi! Wanting More is the second book from Jessica Ruddick in her Love on Campus series and I definitely suggest you pick both of these books up, though they can be read as standalone novels if you would like.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: March 28, 2016 - Live now!
ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Bri Welch follows the rules, she's a grad student working to save other student's grades and she doesn't have time for anything that takes her away from studying. Josh Davidson is the fun frat-boy, partying every chance he can, skipping class daily, and taking nothing seriously, until he sees Bri Welch behind her desk as his Academic Advisor. Something about her makes him want to make the grades, to be enough in her eyes, and something about him is making her seriously consider all the rules she has. They're the opposite of one another, Josh non-committal and Bri holding onto a questionable boyfriend. Is it possible for such different people to make a relationship work?

The college aged setting sold me on this book, then I met the characters and read from their first person alternating POV's and I was hooked. Josh and Bri are polar opposites when it comes to life, from family to school and friendships, the outlook they have relating to everything is different. It was incredibly entertaining to look at their relationship and individual growth from two distinctly different eyes and dialogues. I found myself loving their differences, what they brought out in each other, and recognized parts of my self in each of them. Though they weren't all likable all the times, the characters were relatable and I enjoyed watching them fight the waters of college, family, live, and feelings together. On top of two great main characters, I enjoyed the distinct secondary characters Jessica Ruddick wrote, including Cori from Letting Go (which I need to go read now). Each character, no matter how small their part, brought insight into the two main characters and pushed the story along. I didn't expect anything that happened, which was surprising for a college aged romance, and I found myself laughing a lot.

Wanting More seems like the usual story of good girl meets bad boy, but it's more than that in the setting of college and growing up. I loved the mixture of family and friendships that Jessica Ruddick weaved into every moment, showing the differences between the characters and how well it made them work together. I appreciated that the situation didn't make the characters be better because of something the other did, but be better because they wanted to be more for the other. I was incredibly impressed with Jessica Ruddick's writing and absolutely will be reading more of her books.


  1. Great review! I've been hearing great things about this and the series has peaked my interest. I'm glad to hear that there aren't any throw away characters and that there's depth to the story.

    1. Thank you Gennifer! I wish I had heard of it before, it's definitely a series I would have followed from the very start.


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