Friday, March 4, 2016

Until It's Right - Jamie Howard

I am definitely a member of the texting generation, in fact I am terrible about answering the phone outside of work. So the story of girl meets guy then texts wrong guy is one that draws me in. Sure, I've read several like it, but they don't seem to get old to me. I've definitely carried on texting someone instead of other methods of hanging out and communication, so it's easy to connect to. In this case, Until It's Right has a great meet-cute moment and the texting is only one part to the entire story. If you're looking for a refreshingly light read filled with fun and romance, this is definitely it for you.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: March 2016
ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Haley is ready to get over her ex of three years and what better way to do that than in her new clothes surrounded by men in expensive suits? Except when she finally meets a guy she connects with she puts his number in her phone wrong. What ensues is a text friendship between Clark and Haley, known as Lois by Clark. They share their fears, their secrets, and all their wants. Haley finds herself developing feelings for Kyle, the cute IT guy in her new job, and he feels them too, but he doesn't know how to tell her that he is Clark. As friendship and relationship blossoms the secret of who is on the other end of the phone may just tear them apart.

Me: You are a guy, right? Because I can always change it to Clarkette. 
Clark: Nope, definitely a guy. Don’t my texts come across as particularly manly to you? 
Me: Not really. 
Clark: Harsh, Lois. Harsh.

Predictable? Yes. Enjoyable? Definitely. Jamie Howard weaves a cute tale of unconventional romance with characters Haley and Kyle, also known as Lois and Clark. If ever that was a book boyfriend to add to your collection, Kyle is it. He's nerdy, shy, and offers Haley friendship with food and witty banter. The twist, that readers are in on, makes things even more interesting when we see this other side of Kyle, also known as Clark, who offers advice on anything from relationship and dates to clothing. Haley is a jaded character, determined to get over her ex, but holding onto all her past feelings. She doesn't know how to handle feelings for men, she's got piles of guilt on her shoulders, and she certainly doesn't know how to entertain two men. If I was in the book, I would have definitely been among the friends telling Haley she needed to open her eyes.

“And damn it all to hell, I am so in love with her. It’s not even something that’s been creeping up on me. It didn’t blindside me or take me by surprise. No, falling in love with Haley was inevitable, predictable, unavoidable. I saw it bearing down on me like an oncoming train , speeding toward me from the moment I met her. My only fear is that one day that train’s going to run me over and absolutely ruin me.”

I really enjoyed the growth in Haley as the book progressed, both in her life with friends and family and with Kyle, and especially enjoyed the text relationship she carried on with Clark. As Lois and Clark, they both shed their fears and opened up, revealing to the reader their secrets, but not to one another in real life. As the story unfolds, and Kyle discovers Lois is really Haley, the relationship between Kyle and Haley develops and it is beyond cute to read. Their encounters are funny and lust filled, and their friendship makes an excellent base for their blossoming feelings. It was so easy to connect with both characters and hope for a happy ending for them in this emotional and cute read.

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