Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spin - CD Reiss

I picked up Spin for two reasons, one of my favorite authors shared it and I love mafia romance. Spin is the first book in Corruption, the spin-off series of Songs of Submission. I haven't read Songs of Submission, but I did go a bit Amazon crazy and buy it, so now I can be caught up. However, I didn't feel like I missed anything when reading Spin and can confirm it definitely is a stand-alone series.

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: July 2015
Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Contemporary, Crime

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Teresa is recently single and the man with the pine-tree scent in the bar has caught her eye and she can't get him off her mind. Teresa's always the good sister, good friend, and good worker, she continues being a friend to her ex, Daniel, she watches after all of her siblings, and does everything she can to help everyone around her. She's in the midst of doing just that when she runs into the man again, Antonio Spinelli (Spin) is his name, he's a lawyer, and their attraction is strong. Giving into her desires to stop being so good, the two have an amazing sexual encounter. But as chemistry and feelings combine, can the two give in to trust one another? Especially when Teresa finds out Spin is the Capo of the Italian mafia and her ex-fiance just happens to be the DA.

"He wore a suit like a woman wore lingerie, to accentuate the sexual. To highlight the slopes and lines. To give masculinity a definition."

This is definitely the kind of book you have to experience for yourself, these characters both know their own selves, but together they find themselves wanting something completely different. Together the game changes. I absolutely found myself falling for Spin, he's the bad boy you can't help but want. Teresa could be...obnoxious, she's in your face and lacks street smarts, but watching her figure out her feelings for Spin and finally looking at herself for who she had become was interesting. Both characters know they're no good for the other, but they just keep on giving in. Thank goodness C.D. Reiss makes them give in, because woah those sex scenes! The combination of crime, drama, suspense, and romance kept me hanging onto every single word. There is definitely a lot going on, however there is no confusion of every character's position and what each character's end game is. The writing is fantastic, all descriptions are incredibly detailed, and the plot is given away in bits and pieces. I really loved that I didn't know what was coming next, that all loyalties were being tested, I just knew I wanted Teresa and Spin to be together.

"I tried to stay away," he said. "I've never wanted a woman this much in my life. I'd burn cities to have you. I'd commit murder to take you right now."

I struggled with some of the interactions between Teresa and Spin, especially their second meeting, but in the end I really liked what they had. They are the kind of relationship you tell your friend to walk away from, especially with how on and off again they are. However, their chemistry, and obvious desire to protect one another, is what makes them a great couple. Spin is part of a trilogy, while the ending doesn't end in a cliffhanger (trust me, it's a good ending), it does leave things open for the next book. I'm giving Spin 4 stars, because it was just the tip of the iceberg for me, there's a lot more I want to know about these two and how they workout.

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