Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anti-Romance - Cassia Leo

I know, I probably shocked a few of my readers with that excerpt from Anti-Romance posted on release day, but it was the perfect excerpt for my readers, trust me. Cassia Leo breaks the norm of New Adult romance with heavy doses of reality and a lot of humor, something I have come to love about her writing. Anti-Romance is no different and while it's definitely a new adult book (there's smut), it's a great read that is assuredly not a romance. Plus, Cassia Leo made a really awesome playlist that I haven't been able to turn off! So, turn on your headphones, grab this book, and settle in for a wild ride.

Rating: 5 Stars
Published: March 8, 2016
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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I don't avoid cliffhangers like my life depends on it, but I don't actively seek them out either. However, being a fan of Cassia Leo means I recognize that I will be reading cliffhangers often. Anti-Romance is no different, except that this time I was actually an angry blonde full of hatred. Not the kind of hatred that's real, but the kind where I kept trying to turn the page expecting more to come up and growing increasingly more frustrated, even though I knew about said cliffhanger before I even opened the book. Don't let my anger fool you into thinking I didn't like the book though, it's kind of the perfect cliffhanger, because I would throw all my money at Cassia to get the next book right now.

Filled with self-depreciating humor, hot smut, characters who are real, and a great playlist, Cassia Leo has done it again with Anti-Romance. Main character, Laney, is as relatable as they come, in fact I'm positive I have a romance hating friend just like her. She's witty, doesn't really have it all figured out, and she gets herself into quite the situations! I really loved being inside her head, because she wasn't some drop dead beauty with every ounce of confidence in the world, she constantly questioned things and felt the full scale of emotions by the time I finished the last chapter. Plus, she dates for work and is having lots of monkey sex, even if it does lead to gonorrhea. On top of Lainey, the secondary characters were awesome as well. George, the best friend, reminds me of someone I know, which is just a testament to how realistic this entire book is. Their friendship is not a unique one, but definitely didn't feel like anything I'd read before. Then there's neighbor, Kade, who I want to be my real life boyfriend, but I'll settle for adding him to my book boyfriend pile. Cassia does such a great job of giving every character, even those we just see a couple times, unique voices and personalities, making this book really come to life.

The twists in this book will leave you questioning everything, just like Laney you won't know what could possibly come next, but you'll also really enjoy the ride. I definitely stopped taking things at face value, but that made it all the more fun. It isn't a romance, that's for sure, but it's a humorous love story about a girl, her friends, and getting through some shockingly hilarious awkward moments. I have no idea what I want to see in the next book, but I can tell you I am desperate to find out what does. My reaction faces, gasps of surprise, and obvious feelings are exactly what I love about this book, I felt like I was right there. You'll probably say "oh my gosh" a few times, maybe even blush (I did), but you won't be able to put this book down.

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