Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Project Virgin - Megan Crane

Rating: 4 Stars
Published: January 2016
Genre: Adult, Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Novella
ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Scottie has an albatross around her neck,  of the virginity variety. At twenty six she's just left a relationship with a man who's fooled her into being innocent for years while he still romps around the town. Just one day into being single and she is a woman on a mission. Damon Patrick, hot lawyer and boss, isn't exactly who she had in mind, but he is the ideal candidate. Making one bad decision may be the best decision Scottie has ever made.

I love a good romance filled with humor, especially when it's filled with just the right amount of both. Project Virgin is one of the funniest novellas I have read in a while, the main characters share witty dialogue and the general subject at hand, Scottie's virginity, just makes this story stand out. What I expected to be a short erotic novella was so much more. Megan Crane wrote two great characters, Scottie and Damon, who you wouldn't put together at first, but make so much sense by the end.

I really liked Scottie as a character, you don't have to agree with her method of losing her virginity to enjoy this one. She is exactly as I would picture a sheltered, innocent 26 year old who just came out of a long lasting, emotionally scarring engagement. What a way to shake it off! Damon, on the other hand, I could use a full length novel about. He's intriguing, he's successful, and he's apparently a sex god. Combine that with his straight forward, no nonsense attitude and you've got the perfect boss to take care of the job at hand. I genuinely enjoyed their interactions and I definitely liked that this novella felt longer than it was. It wasn't just a take her virginity and move on kind of book, but it built up to the fireworks and ends with a massive bang. There's emotion, some hot hot smut, insta-love, and witty dialogue. When all are combined together you get the engaging story of Scottie and her project for handsome lawyer, Damon.

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